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Jadcharla Municipal Chairperson; Dorepaly Lakshmi graces the contest

The Confederation of Women Entrepreneurs of India (COWE) and Hands in Hospitality Chef’s Association to organised a unique Cooking competition in Jadcherla in Mahboobnagar District on Thursday’s. It was held at Hotel Manjira in Jadcharla

in Mahboobnagar District. The theme of the competition was Paushetik Vegetarian.

Seventy women from Jadcherla, Mahboobnagar, Wanaparthy abd near by places have participated. They exhibited the food they cooked at their home.

The contest was formally inaugurated by Smt Dorepally Lakshmi, Jadcharla Municipal Chairperson; Smt Sarika, Vice Chairoerson; Corporators Uma Devi, Lakshmi, Jyothi Krishna Reddy. Food technologist Mrs Surya Jyothi ; Social Worker Mrs Govardhani; Smt Neeraja, Smt Vani, Smt Suman etc members of the COWE graced the contest.

The Cooking competition” was titled as “Mera Swad Mera Swaasth”

Three professional chefs judged the winners based on the texture, presentation, ingredients used, taste and healthyness of the food.

The the first three winners include Sattemma for her Munagaku Jonna Rotte; U Mani for Gond Laddu; Susheela Rao for her Barle Roti.

The five consolation prize winners include Mrs Sudha for her Dryfruit Gond Laddu; Sumalatha for her Mamidikaya Korrala Biryani; Suguna for her Jonna Sankait; Padma for Mixed Millet Roti and Shobha Devi for Pizza Chat.

Sumalatha for her Raagi Noodles; Adi Lakshmi for her Jonna Pyalala Laddu and D. Usha Rami for her steam sprout Idli chat we’re declared as special consolation prize winners

These winners were qualified to participate in the finals to be held in Hyderabad in October.

Speaking on the occasion Smt Dorepally Lakshmi said indeed the contest was a great opportunity for rural women to showcase their culinary talent.

Vice Chairperson Sarika expressed her happiness see many women taking part in the contest. Mrs Jyothi Krishna Reddy said irrespective of what position a woman holds, she still needs to cook.

Surya Jyothi, Food Technologist said the women who showcased their culinary skills have great talent and everybody had the potential to transform

Into an entrepreneur

It was a four city contest. It was started from Karimnagar in August, 2022 and already held at Warangal, Nizamabad. The competition in Jadcharla was the last round

All the participants were given away Prizes, Aprons and Certificates

Ms. Vani, Ms Neeraja, Ms Sumanth of COWE Telangana disclosed that all cooked food displayed was vegetarian based food cooked at home and displayed it at the contest arena.

Ms Sudha from Jadcharla and Hasina from Mahboobnagar, the two successful women entrepreneurs in food business have also participated. Three women came from Hyderabad to participate in the contest.

It was a contest with a unique purpose to spot entrepreneurial aspirations and nurture them to fulfil their journey. COWE aims to turn 150 rural women into food entrepreneurs

The Best participants of each center will participate in the final where they need to cook live in a live kitchen. Prior to the final a workshop will be run for them.

Three best winners will be picked up in the final. Based on their interest, ambitious women will be nurtured and groomed to become women entrepreneurs.

About 500 women are expected to participate in the contest. 35% of these women will be converted into women entrepreneurs.


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