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Learn to "Unlearn"

Do you believe that there is always something to learn, in a situation or in a moment, or in ' life school'?

As an entrepreneur, your eyes and ears must be open to grasp, anywhere and everywhere.

Made yourself comfortable in the "learning mode"

Continuous learning is the minimum requirement of success, in any field - Briny Tracy

Unlearning is equally important. It is the part of " learning ", itself. Unfortunately, unlearning is not covered in our academic curriculum.

We allow ourselves to be controlled by perceived and (mis !) conceived notions, governed by myths, false assumptions, opinions, free guidance, etc. We, being a part of the "society" is not open to new ideas and unwilling to undergo paradigm shifts.

If we want to nurture the culture of entrepreneurship, we have to open for new ideas, new innovations. To cultivate the growth mindset and/or an entrepreneur mindset, you need to unlearn those unwanted, obsolete beliefs, myths that will allow to enrich the entrepreneur and hence the business and overall economy.


We can define it as the Process of releasing that " something ", which is what we learned is obsolete or ineffective or incorrect, and exploring what we have stored in our system and deleting all unnecessary data.

Basically, Unlearning is a process of saying ' bye ' to the old, obsolete, and outdated paradigm and willing to undergo a paradigm shift.

Perfecting onself is as much unlearning as it is learning - Edsger W. Dijkstra

Benefits of Unlearning :

  • Unlearning or in more specific words, learn, unlearn and relearn helps out entrepreneurs to grow, beyond the limits.

  • Unlearning helps out in breaking the " belief " system, which is inappropriate and absolutely unwanted in today's world, which needs serious efforts.

  • Helps you to come out of your own comfort zone and achieve the next milestones. The entrepreneur has to break his or her own comfort zone if he/she wants to rise up as an Entrepreneur.

  • After a certain period of executing successful business, 30 % of entrepreneurs enter into the tap of Tunnel Vision, willing or unwilling. Unlearning and relearning helps you not to get lost in Tunnel Vision

Those people will be going to rule the 21st century, who have mastery in Learning, Un - Learning and Re-Learning.

Happy Un - Learning

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