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Lessons to Learn from " Lord Ganesh " - VIII

Remove all the obstacles

There will be many things that will pull us back. Lord Ganesha preaches to cut all the bonds of attachments which restricts us to achieve our dreams. Remove all obstacles and stay focussed to your goals.

The axe wielded by Ganesh tells us about not falling prey to emotions or any form of biases during investments. Think logically and freely, do not let the short-term undercurrents of market downswings cause you to lose your peace of mind.

Considering the current upheaval in the markets caused due to pandemic, do not redeem your investments or discontinue your SIP during this phase. In fact, don't panic and give into your emotions to redeem your investments, focus on the long-term prize (Ganpati's favourite dish modak) of accumulated wealth.

Similarly, when you see an excessive loss in your portfolio over the long term due to consistent underperformance across various market cycles, or a sudden change of your risk ability, do not harbour any anchoring bias to that investment because it's unhealthy for your financial well-being.


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