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Nurturing Leaders of Tomorrow

In a remarkable turn of events, nearly 25 students from the senior secondary section qualified for the JEE Advance for the academic year 2021-22 and one student outshined in the NEET examinations with 95 percent this year, thus bringing pride to one of the remotest regions in the Thane district – Badlapur. And the credit for making Badlapur a knowledge hub goes to the most prestigious Poddar Brio International School at Badlapur.

One of the most progressive schools, this institute is known for meeting the substantial needs of the standard procedure in scholastic and co-scholastic aspects in the lives of its students. PBIS has also done phenomenal work during the pandemic by offering a 15 percent concession on the education fees to the needy students. Besides, preparing them for IIT-JEE, PBIS also prepare their students for competitive exams like NSO, NSEJS, Homi Bhabha Bal Vaidnyanik Spardha, Elementary & Intermediate exams, National & International level Olympiad exams, SpellBee International, NASO, Procom Olympiad and many other subjects Olympiads and NTSE.

“We believe in unifying our efforts around a strong vision, sound educational practices, professionalism and an environment of collaboration for students. A special doubt clearing cell, composed of experts to guide the students to excel in their competitive exams was set-up prior to the exams. We believe that strong relationships between schools, families and the community are the driving force for the academic success of the students,” said Ms. Rashmi Singh, Principal of Poddar Brio International School (PBIS).

The PBIS has over 200 students who have reached and achieved trophies and medals in the field of sports at the various district and national level competitions since 2015. The school’s uncompromising commitment helps them achieve measurable, observable and quantifiable results among its students. The school’s vision to provide value-based education helps them provide a dynamic learning environment to the young minds.

At PBIS, exams are treated as tests both for content knowledge and to gauge the ability to manage time effectively. “We believe in nurturing the leaders of tomorrow as there is a need for a new generation of leaders who can characterize development, collaboration and experimentation,” Ms Rashmi Singh added.

“Confidence to make a difference is inculcated in us during our formative years when we receive holistic learning experience that not just gives us a conducive environment but also enables us to excel,” said a student from Poddar Brio International School.

PBIS has also offered a 15 per cent concession in the education fees to students considering their financial background. “Although the government had stayed the reduction in education fees, we provided the concession to parents considering the loss they might have faced during the ensuing pandemic,” said Ms Rashmi Singh of PBIS.

In a bid to develop the overall personality of its students, the PBIS indulges in conducting students’ visits to various orphanages, old age homes, and adoption centres, etc. “Conducting donation camps with commodities and essentials collected from the students at these places imbibes the feeling of responsibility and better educates them on the significance of their existence in the lives of these under privileged people,” said Ms Rashmi Singh of PBIS.

About Poddar Brio International School (PBIS)

Poddar Brio International School (PBIS) is an institute that nurtures the leaders of tomorrow. It believes that in order to have able leadership in the 21st century, we will need a new breed of leaders, who must not just characterise development but must also bring in a difference by better collaboration and experimentation. Hence, they offer a conducive environment to its students so that they can gain better confidence to bring about a difference. Holistic learning experience is the key to excellent leaders of tomorrow. PBIS is proud to share the recognition in the “Sahodaya Complex Group’ by bagging an award of best Principal for holistic group.


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