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Slaughtering of Cattle in Orissa state Goes Unchecked

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

The slaughtering of Cattle in Orissa state is going unchecked. Though there are exceptionally stringent laws, there is no respite for the plight of cows, bulls, and buffalos where they were and are being butchered in a barbaric and brutal manner.

The inaction of Orissa Police against animal traffickers is at its height. Gau Gyan Foundation deplores their indifferent attitude towards these cattle.

Though the Odisha Prevention of Cow Slaughter Act 1960 makes it illegal to slaughter a cow and its progeny, the police and traffickers are undeterred.

Prevention of Cruelty Act 1960 and Slaughterhouse Rules 2000 make it illegal to slaughter animals anywhere outside premises authorized as legal slaughterhouses, but hundreds and thousands of animals were butchered unchecked. If law-keepers keep deaf ears, who will protect those highly revered animals in our country questions Gau Gyan Foundation, Orissa wing.

Hundreds of Gauvansh including healthy cows, young bulls, and calves, have been hoarded for illegal slaughter in Kesharpur, around Mahamaya UP School (Mangalabag PS limits, Cuttack). The Gauvansh have been tied outside houses, with no food or water, to be cut in the neighborhood and on roads recently on the eve of Bakrid.

Also, for any animal to be slaughtered, ‘a fit for slaughter’ certificate has to be obtained from a competent authority.

Needless to say, all of the above was missing in the activity that has gone through in the Kesharpur area.

1000s of crores of black money generated which funds what? Anybody can guess what activities and whose election it's spent on. No income tax paid or any other kind of tax. question is why is our Government, Administration, and Police aiding it by looking the other way?, questions the news release issued in Bhubaneshwar today by the Gau Gyan Foundation.

Honorable Supreme Court held vide its judgment passed in the matter titled 'The State of Bengal, etc, Appellants v. Ashutosh Lahiri and the others, Respondents', being Civil Appeals Nos. 6790 of 1983 with 6791 to 6794, that slaughtering of healthy cows on Bakrid day is not essential or required for religious purposes of Muslims and hence cannot be exempted under state law or under Article 25.

How are so many Gauvansh collected in the area? Why is police not taking action? A complaint has been lodged by Gau Gyan Foundation volunteers at the Mangalabag Police station on 16th July 2021 and the complaint was also mailed to the Commissioner of Police, Deputy Commissioner of Police, and Assistant Commissioner of Police, Cuttack was also approached in this regard. However, no action was taken by them. Gauvansh needs to be rescued and rehabilitated wherever possible or required or the cattle will meet the butchers' knife.

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