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Soumita Saha's English Original ' Play The Tune ' is all set to touch hearts

Singer- Songwriter Soumita Saha launches her latest English single 'Play The Tune'. After her recent songs Rupang Dehi, Savage Side received fabulous response, the multi-dexterous artiste’s new track launched on 1st November.

Play The Tune has been penned and composed by Soumita, recorded by Rana Mondal, mixed and mastered by US based sound engineer Nero James. The stunner both by voice and artistry, once again exhibits her versatility having reinvented her sound and her opinionated self to bring together a unique, soothing sound. Her new track released from Melotunes Records, is now on all streaming platforms.

Play The Tune is a supple soothing number that exhibits beguiling story telling. This lyrical master piece tells more about self realisation and blends effortlessly with the astonishing tune and appropriate arrangements. Soumita added " I was a nurturing a bit of dubiety as the transparency that lies in the lyrics of Play The Tune was pushing me consciously away from my comfort zone. This uneasiness didn't stop me, by the grace of almighty and love from my audience perturbation didn't consume me. " The audio is streaming on all major music streaming platforms and already trending as a popular song on Meta Music library. On this note the singer-songwriter also added " I wasn't well versed about the existence of that red fire sign beside a song name on meta music library. Play The Tune's digital release educated me a little about this 'trending now' and 'popular now' system. I am glad that the journey started on a good note ".

The lyrics picture the complicated life course where " I've heard my passion loosing it's voice before it could thrive " hints about it. Soumita being a private person maintains a very redolent and praise worthy 'life tale' sharing and connecting relationship with her audience with grace through social media. The song also maintains the same 'less is more' format conveying with grace. Soumita's chiming voice with bewildering texture and startling vocal range does justice to the emotions the song bears.


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