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Students are going to overseas studies with vengeance: Overseas Education Expert

Studying abroad is growing in terms of numbers and is set to grow in the coming years as the Covid situation is easing. More and more countries and universities are relaxing their rules a bit. enrollment

Students find it to be the right time to travel. They are going to overseas studies with Vengence says an Overseas Educational Consultant Ms. Nirupama Das, CEO of Valmiki Group.

‘Revenge Travel’ is a post - Covid Way of Travelling after several months of anxiety. With normalcy mostly restored, things look up bright for students keen to go and study abroad. Foreign Universities are witnessing an enrollment boom. Together with the freshers, two years backlog students who put on hold their plans due to covid in the last two years are also seeking enrollments. This is resulting in a boom, she said.

Speaking to a gathering of students, parents, and guests on the eve of opening its new corporate office of 5000 ft space, she added that we have reached pre-covid levels long back and even surpassed it.

Anjani Kumar , Director-General of Anti Corruption Bureau inaugurated new corporate office.

Pandemic or no pandemic, learning is a never-ending process. We have seen an influx of students seeking admissions in a wide variety of courses and diverse counties informed Mr Ganesh Valmiki, CMD of Valmiki Overseas Educational Consultancy.

There is an increasing trend of students opting for Health Studies with Engineering programs, Health Informatics, Bio-Sciences couple with Engineering and many such courses both at Graduation and Masters level he added.

Post pandemic mindset is changed. We keep hearing from students who come to us for counseling saying that they wanted to study and prepare for a better world

Another trend Ms. Nirupama seem to have observed is their preference for programs which have flexible options and faster employment opportunities. They and their parents are very clear. They want job-ready courses. They are even ready to shell out extra bucks for such courses.

According to her, nearly 20,000 students from Telangana go abroad for their further studies. We at Valmiki counsel near 7,5000 students and place nearly 2000 students in over 800 Universities in 20 different countries each year she said.

According to one estimation, the total number of Indian students studying abroad will stand at around 18 lakh by 2024, which will be a record, Ganesh Valmiki shared.

The US is the most preferred destination. Now the UK is picking up. In our journey over 21 years, we have placed a little over 30,000 students in Universities of their choice for their studies. We have counselled well over two lakh students, added Ganesh Valmkil

He shared that they have set up the new corporate office at an investment of INR 75 lakhs. Valmiki Group currently has 9 branches of which four are owned and five are franchised. It has chalked out its expansion plan to start ten more own branches in next 3 to 4 years and will invest anywhere in the range of Rs 2crore. Currently, it has 120 employees, whose number is likely to go up to 300 by the year 2026.

A member of the American International Recruitment Council (AIRC), a reputed independent body that promotes ethical standards-based international recruitment strategies, Valmiki Overseas Educational Consultancy lays a lot of emphasis on training its councilors. We develop skills as international student enrollment champions, Ganesh said.

Another unique help we render to students is Research. We have a dedicated team which does constant research about the trends, rare and highly job oriented courses, the best universities that offer a course for the least possible fee etc and more such details. Our major focus is on quickly employable courses, she added.

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