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The 42 Summit held to discover, discuss and showcase the AI Innovation ecosystem in Hyderabad

CIE (Centre for Innovation & Entrepreneurship) IIIT (International Institute of Information Technology) Hyderabad hosted The 42 SUMMIT, an AI(Artificial Intelligence) summit bringing on Friday at its premises in Gachibowli. 150 plus startups, corporates and incubators came together and participated.

Speaking on the occasion, In Ravinder Singh, Kalaari Capital partner Ravinder Singh ,"Technology is just technology. There's value to enterprises only when it solves a real problem."

Prof. Ramesh Loganathan said, “There is a lot happening in the city around AI. The creative startup solutions, corporates engaging in AI, investors looking for AI startups. And more.. We are so happy we could bring this ecosystem together to discover and connect."

It was an event to discover, discuss, and showcase the AI Innovation ecosystem in Hyderabad, the organizers said. The 42 Summit is a celebration of these startups in Hyderabad. This event was co-hosted by CIE-IIITH and Microsoft, jointly with T-AIM, T-Hub and the t-incubators network, they shared.

The 42 Summit brought together industry, startups, academia, investors and enablers from across industries. It was an event to discover, discuss, and showcase the Artificial Intelligence (AI) innovation ecosystem in the city of Hyderabad. It was also an event to connect and engage in conversations around AI. Also it was an attempt to discover the breadth and depth of AI landscape in the city, through a directory of AI startups.

The participants included the corporate leaders who wanted to discover interesting AI solutions. Another set up of participants were Startups who were looking forward to connecting with investors and mentors. Equally investors who were searching to discover innovations and innovators also joined. Policy makers who were looking forward to discovering use-cases also made it to the summit. The young entrepreneurs who were looking forward to access to markets and funds through the conversations too turned up in large numbers.

The summit had sessions addressing a few different domain centered themes such as AI in MedTech, Reinventing Retail and Enterprise SaaS and AI, Sustainability / Mobility AI tech and FinTech AI. Each session had four panelists sharing their insights. Eight curated startups pitch on the stage, followed by a dialog between the startups and the investors/enablers.

Three panel discussions were held. One discussion was on AI in Fintech, second one was on AI in Medtech and third one was on AI in Mobility/Sustainability. Some of the panelists included Panellists included the likes of Corporate VCs represented by Mr. Hussaini SF(JPMC); Mr. Anuj Jain(Accenture); Mr. Gautham Sivaramakrishnan(Blume VC) and Mr. Siddharth Kochar(Wells Fargo) who deliberated on the possibilities and potential of AI in the booming space of Fintech. A medtech segment led by Mr. Manoj Kapoor(Providence India), Dr. Mahesh Iyer(Parexel) and other corporate leaders. Followed by an engrossing session on AI in Mobility, by Mr. Ravinder Singh (Kalaari Capital), Ms. Megha Y(Uber), Mr. Venu Gopal J(ZF) and Mr. Sridhar C(TCS). Final session was on enterprise SAAS, anchored by Mr. Sreedhar Peddineni (GTM Buddy), the industry and corporate foresight being provided by Mr. Priyaranjan Jha ( PepsiCo.), and Mr. Suhrid Palsule (Microsoft).

The panelists cut across multiple sectors of modern day AI implementations with conglomerates, MNCs and successful startups in equal proportions, such as JPMC, Blume VC, PepsiCo. and Microsoft, amongst others. Multiple thesis, curated market understandings, platformed justification of trends was represented by the startups who gave lightning pitches.

The startups participating in the lightning pitches were: AI in Fintech: Strobes, SignalX,, Udbhata; AI in Medtech: Zedblox,, PiStar, Monitra Health; AI in Mobility: Enmovil, Dream Vu, Sepal, AEyeSoftlabs, StaTwig, Flytta; AI in Enterprise SAAS: AtomState,,, Eunimart,


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