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Think about social concerns, think broadly before you seek Green Energy Open Access

Think socially, broadly, think about practical issues and understand the reasons of the government for denying Green Energy Open Access, G. Jagadish Reddy, Minister for Energy, Govt of Telangana, told Industrialists at an interactive session organised by FTCCI on Wednesday evening at Federation House in Red Hills. The Government has certain social obligations. And it is not possible practically. Hence, he told industrialists indirectly not to press for open access.

Open Access in the power sector enables large power consumers with more than 1 MW connected load to buy relatively cheaper power directly from power producers (open market). Conventional consumers do not have a choice except the AREA DISCOM for electricity supply and have no control over the rate.

The Minister was the chief guest at the interactive session on the Transformation of the Energy Sector in Telangana State's Future Challenges.

Giving his opening remarks, Meela Jayadev, FTCCI President said when Telangana was formed, power plants with a generation capacity of only 7,778 Mega Watts were operational. The per capita electricity consumption stood then at a meagre 1,196 kilowatts. With increased investments in the past nine years, the power generation capacity has impressively increased from 7,778 MW to 18, 567 MW. The Government has taken decisive steps to strengthen the power supply and he lauded their efforts.

The Green Energy Open Access move is aimed at ensuring affordable, reliable, sustainable, and green energy for all. However, the same is not allowed by the Power Ministry of the State Government. Industrialists representing many industries have raised this issue to the Minister in the interactive session. However, he politely denied their request and urged them to understand the government's compulsions and not to press for it.

I know you will be disappointed with my reply. You must think about our side as well. It is good that you would like to produce your own power without anything to do with the power grid. But what about the power supply during the night for you, he asked them.

I own a farm, not a farmhouse. I wanted to be an example for others. I wanted to produce and use power there. When I shared my wish with the Chief Minister, his reply made me realise that it was not viable. From that experience and realisation, I would like to reiterate that it is not a feasible thing. Don't see it as an impediment in your journey. Don't even see it as an issue and focus on your work he told them

Before 2014, there was a situation, industrialists were willing to buy power at any cost. From that situation, now you want to produce your own energy and use it. This is the transformation of the energy sector in the state he emphasised.

Speaking further Jagadish Reddy informed that the state has spent Rs 50,000 crore on transmission and distribution systems development. We made huge investments. We are the only state in India to have given power to every village, he explained and sought their cooperation.

Sunil Sharma, Special Chief Secretary, of the Energy Department said the energy conservation pattern or status indicates the development status of any region or state. The per capita consumption of power in the state has gone up high. It is 70% more than the national average.

Vinod Kumar Agarwal, Chairman of the Energy Committee of FTCCI said the power sector is the backbone of any economy

During the interaction, the 150-plus audience in the hall asked many questions and sought explanations from the minister as well as the officer.


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