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Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Today, though the word ' negative ' is most positive, as a result of Covid 19 impact , WE, being an entrepreneur, need to stay positive and direct the world towards the world of possibilities.

My friends, are you ready?

Coming together is a beginning , keeping together is progress, working together is success - Edward Evrette Hale

Let us help each other, in the most uncertain time. We will, definitely, find out the most sustainable way, suitable for everyone, to stay in business. We need to add some skills, may need to change our attitude, and may change the units of mapping business growth, in order to adjust to the conditions, after the ' second lockdown '.

We can follow steps, as :

  • The first priority is to stay safe. Follow all the precautions, as per the instructions from the respective government, from time to time.

  • Connect with the team (Message / Call / Group call). Make sure the team spirit is not going down. If possible, try to help out your team members who need medical help.

  • Stay connected with your customer.

  • Prioritize staff’s needs, they are the heart of your company (Highest Forms of Wealth)

  • Make decisions that let your employees know they are safe (in terms of health, job security), respected, and valued. e.g. group Insurance plans, vaccination facility, sanitized transportation vehicles, etc. The best example here is Ratan Tata to Tata Steel, offering the salaries to family members of the employees.

  • List out those things or items or processes, which are not required and can cut down, step by step, to adjust the expenses. e.g. more than 50 % of the staff, is going to operate from home, we can restructure the office space and can rent out the 'extra' space. The same is applicable for office furniture. May generate a source of income.

  • List out those things or items or processes, which are not required, now. And can cut down, step by step, to adjust the expenses.

  • Connect with the bank officers or financial institute officers, regarding the existing business loan, if any.

  • Restructure your team. While restructuring, you may need to take some harsh decisions. Remember, business sustainability is more important.

  • Restructure and reschedule the processes involved, as the Work From Home option needs to utilize as far as you can.

  • Worry less about what the people will think of you. Focus on the goal. Now, we may need to change our plan. Rework on the strategies to achieve the results.

  • Be accountable and make the team accountable.

  • Open yourself for new possibilities. It may include your business model, too.

  • Mastering uncertainty is a need new skill, needs to be added to the skillset of the entrepreneurs.

  • Think out of the box. Brainstorm your ideas, in the available time.

  • Be ready for future possibilities.

We all have the power to rule the world, with innovative business ideas, most required by today. Let us come together and help each other to move the world towards, the world of positivity.

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