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TSRTC announces a “Grand Health Challenge”

Sri V.C.SAJJANAR. IPS, VC & MD launched ‘Grand Health Challenge’. In this month-long Health Drive which will begin from 3rd November, fifty thousand TSRTC employees will go through a full annual health check up covering all health parameters.

Addressing the gathering at the Bus Bhavan, Mr. Sajjanar said “Health of the organization is dependent on the wellness of its employees. He addressed employees across the state, Depot Managers, Regional Managers and ED’s, and released collaterals and posters to mark the occasion.

He also mentioned that more than 98 locations will conduct a month long individual annual health check which covers health profiling, mandatory diagnostic tests, clinical examination and individual consultation for every employee. On an average close to 1800 employees will be covered on a day during the month. In order to conduct the initiative in a seamless fashion every location will have around 10 health workers, doctors and Para medical to conduct the camps. A central control room has been set to monitor the progress and also to assist different locations while the camps are in progress.

He further stated that an increased awareness of health and wellness is being instituted across the State with a higher focus on prevention and improvement of quality of life for the 50000 employees in the corporation.The objective is to help every employee monitor their health parameters and seek medical intervention whenever required to address their health needs and also lead a healthy life.

While unveilingthe Month-Long Road Map for the Health Challenge at the Corporate Office, Bus Bhavan Mr. Sajjanar reinforced the need to have every employee participate and take advantage of the Health Challenge.

The VC & MD of TSRTC further stated that the corporation has made arrangements at their Tarnaka Hospital to centrally monitor health through a digitized platform that can provide necessary information for providing a sustainable health and wellness program and also promote prevention, by constantly feeding information from across the locations in the state.

In addition to the Health Checks a thorough physical examination, medical consultation by cardiologists, gynecologists, dietician etc will be made available in every work location during the month. Employees will also be introduced and allowed to practice yoga which will be done at every depot across the state.

To sustain the Health and Wellness Program the corporation has set up a system at their Tarnaka Hospital as a central agency that will continuously run the Health and Wellness Program monitoring and prevention mechanisms and will make this a sustainable program as part of the employee welfare initiatives.

In addition to the Health Checks TSRTC has developed a daily step monitoring app that will be made available to employees to track the number of steps taken in a day and as part of employee engagement, where a minimum threshold of 2000 steps a day is advised and to scale up later to a 10,000 steps a day which will be monitored by the app. It will monitor at individual level and also has the capability to roll up at the corporation level. To encourage participation and achievement of 10,000 steps TSRTC have instituted a reward mechanism to those who consistently achieve the max threshold.

Sri V.C. Sajjanar, IPS, VC&MD stated that these are significant measures to demonstrate that employees quality of life is key for the performance of the corporation and also to show that as a corporation ‘We care for our employees and their family wellbeing


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