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Unique morning concert Jaltarang, held at Buddha Statue in Hussain Sagar Lake

Tatva Arts, the pioneers in Morning Concerts in Parks, Public Places hosted yet another unique program Jaltarang at Buddha Statue, in Hussain Sagar Lake on Sunday early morning at 6.30am to 8.30am.

It was rare and unique announced Gajender, one of the organisers of the Concert which was held in support with ICCR--Indian Council for Cultural Relations, Zonal Office(South), Ministry of External Affairs, Govt of India, Bengaluru and NMDC (National Mineral Development Corporation)

About 200 music lovers enjoyed this rare concert. It was performed by Milind Tulankar and supported by Ganesh Tanwade with Tabla

Arvind Kumar, Special Chief Secretary; Praveen Kumar, Executive Director of NMDC and others graced it.

Our body has 70% water. Here at Budha statue we are surrounded by 100% water. It is my great fortune to perform Jaltarang, meaning Water waves amidst water (pani ke beech mein), said Milind. It works as music therapy.

The Jal-tarang, is one of the most rarely heard instruments! One of the oldest instruments in the world ‘Jal-tarang’ comes from ‘Jal’ meaning water, and ‘tarang’ that connotes the “waves in water”. Jal-tarang is an ancient Indian wave instrument which continues to play till today in the Indian classical music repertoire to produce both ‘Ragas’ and light melodies, he shared.

The venue is different and exciting. It is a lifetime experience, said Milind.

Milind is one of the handful of Jaltarang performers exist in India said Akhilesh, one of the organisers

Milind began his performance with sare jahan se accha...... involving the audience to sing in chorus to the music. He used 17 porcelain bowls to produce the music. He bagan first performance without tabla for twelve minutes. People closed their eyes, meditated, and maintained pin drop silence to enjoy the music. These instruments are 85 years old. My grandfather used to use them. I have been using them for 35 years. He played notes for the Roja film. Then I played raga parameshwari. Concluded with the performance by Bhairavi Dhun. The performance continued for 90 minutes. Audience fully enjoyed the performance

The performance was super. I enjoyed it thoroughly. I have also experienced pin drop silence, said Anuradha Thakur, a music lover

It was a great experience. My day started fresh with music, said Avanthika.


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