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What is Technology ?

Whether a Gadet is a technology?

In the modern world, we use the term 'technology', more often and we are using as well as exposed to so many types of technologies. But, do we know What is Technology?

Is it the gadgets?

Is it knowledge?

Is it practical application of some information? or anything else.

It's not that we use technology, we live technolgy. - Godfrey Reggio. American Director

Today, we are celebrating National Technology Day to mark and remember India's major advancement in the field of Science and Technology. The theme of National Technology Day 2021 is "Science and Technology for a Sustainable Future"

Let us understand What is Technology?

Technology, the application of scientific knowledge to the practical aims of human life or, as it is sometimes phrased, to the change and manipulation of the human environment.

Technology is a system of practical knowledge, used for problem-solving, to create the tools, basically to make the human life easier. Technology refers to the practical application of scientific knowledge, for a specific purpose.

Applied technology is the tools or gadgets created by technology. Technologys may consider as the ideas and concepts, whereas the applied technology is tools or gadgets, created by technology. E. g. Wheel.

We can move faster or we need to move faster is the Technolgy.

Applied technology is the result and it is the tool, named as a wheel.

Using the same technology that is to move faster, so many tools are created.

like Bicycles, Vehicles, gear, machines, etc.

In short, the overall automobile industry is based on this technology : to move faster.

Technology has a wider scope than that of Applied technology.

Gadget # Technolgy
Gadget = Applied Technology

Technology has many advantages. There is absolutely no doubt that human life cannot be so easy, in absence of the technology. Can we imagine human evolution, without the application of wheels or various tools created with the help of stone? It is proved to be a great 'tool' in the development of culture and society.

Technology made human life so comfortable. We are started using it everywhere. Will, it possible to stay at home, this lockdown period, without any gadgets in hand? And what about E-learning?

But, Technolgy or technological advancement are also affecting human being. We are living in a world which extremely polluted. Overall immunity of the current generation is drastically decreasing, compared to the previous ones. We are facing so many health issues like obesity, eye problemsTechnology, diabetes, spinal cord-related diseases, asthma, heart disease, and many more...

E-waste is one the most critical issue, we need to tackle as early as possible. We have not only polluted our Earth's surface but too many satellites are there in the space environment. We are looking for the solutions, yet.

"Too much" is bad. Technology is not an exception.

It's time to promise to our Mother Earth, on the occasion of National Technolgy day, that we will use the Technology with proper care and precautions. We, Will, take of our environment and will support sustainable livings,


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