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When all Runs cater for adults, this Run is for kids

There are many marathons. Marathons for different people, ages and gender too. But, one thing is missing in all these marathons. Almost all of them cater to adults. And there are not many marathons for kids. Children are becoming obese, more so after online schools during and after covid. Children need to start their fitness journey young. And with this motivation, the Hyderabad Kids Run is born.

It will be held on 24th December at 4pm, in conjunction with the Kids Fair to be kicked off on 23rd December at Hitex. It is organized by Hyderabad Kids Fair in association with the Hyderabad Runners.

Kids’ Run is a very important part of the Kids Expo. It is a fun activity meant to promote running among children. While several events and initiatives cater to adults, we felt the absence of such initiatives for children, that are why this, said Mr. Arun Kumar, Secretary of Hyderabad Runners. Children need to start their fitness journey young, and with these motivations, the Hyderabad Kids Run was born. This is a non-competitive event centred around creating a fun running experience for kids from two years to 12 years, he added

It will be an evening run, a kid-friendly time rather than the usual morning run shared Mr. TG Srikanth of Hitex, who is behind organising Kids Fair and Kids Run.

The entry is open to kids as young as two years to 12 years. Depending on the age, children are accompanied by one parent in the run, and most of the time, they finish far ahead of their parents.

And Srikanth was quick to add “we are mindful of the fact that young children should not run long distances, so the run distance categories include a 1K, 2K and 4K run. 1K Rabbit Run is for kids of 2years and must be accompanied by one parent; 2K Lion Run is for kids 4 years and above and must be accompanied by one parent; and the third category is 4K- Cheetah Run open for kids of 8-12 years. Kids under 6 years must be accompanied by one parent. At the end of the run, all kids get a finisher medal and a specialized healthy refreshment box’ said he.


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