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World Creativity and Innovation Day

Creativity !

What it is ?

No one is able to define it perfectly. The concept is open to interpretation from artistic expression to problem-solving in the context of economic, social and sustainable development.Creativity allows us to view and solve problems more openly and with innovation.

Creativity opens the mind. A society that has lost touch with its creative side is an imprisoned society, in that generations of people may be closed minded. It broadens our perspectives and can help us overcome prejudices.

Therefore, UN celebrates World Creativity and Innovation Day , on April 21 every year, to raise awareness about the role of innovation and creativity in each aspect of human development.

On a large scale, creativity holds the power to create entire industries. Consider bio-medical and alternative energy. Jobs are being created in response to the growing demand for innovations from these new and fast-growing industries.

To appreciate the creative economy after almost a year of pandemic-induced lock downs, the United nations is observing it as the International Year of the Creative Economy for Sustainable Development.

Cultural and creative industries should be part of economic growth strategies, according to the 2015 UNESCO report , These industries are among the most dynamic sectors in the world economy, generating $2.25 billion in revenue and 29.5 million jobs worldwide. In that spirit, countries are harnessing the potential of high-growth areas of the market for economic returns and poverty alleviation.

Let us celebrate , today ,World Creativity and Innovation Day , in an "innovative" and "creative" way !!

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