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YFLO to organise a session Design Your Story

Young FICCI Ladies organisation to organise a unique session, “Design Your Story” in the city on Thursday at Hotel Grand Kakatiya


This session will feature two distinguished speakers who have significantly influenced the realms of storytelling and design, disclosed Ms. Arthi Shah, in a press note issued in the city today.


One of the speakers is Karishma Mehta, a writer and photographer. She is the founder and manager of the website Humans of Bombay and author of the related book Humans of Bombay.


Inspired by the Humans of New York (HONY) website, Humans of Bombay website carried stories and lives of people in Mumbai. Humans of Bombay showed  that each and every person is unique, inspirational, and relatable. It has successfully built a community of more than three million people that believe in the power of humanity.  Karishma Mehta started 'Humans Of Bombay' - a page that today has over a million followers on Facebook and twice as many on Instagram. She is also a freelance writer and TEDx presenter.


Another distinguished speaker Riddhi Koshal Jalan, a prominent design influencer, offering valuable insights into the creation of visual narratives and leveraging design for impactful storytelling.


Stories play a vital role in our lives. They allow us to share information which can create an emotional connection, bond. It's not just entertainment. Telling stories is a basic part of being a human. Stories is a unique way of understanding each other and building relationships, Arthi Shah said


Similarly design is an important part of our lives. Beyond aesthetics, enhances functionality, comfort. Design is a problem solver, image enhancer. Design thinking is a new buzz word world over now. In life it makes us fit into the flow of life, not against it. Designing your life isn't about changing who you are, but changing how you live your life. Having known importance both storytelling and design in life we want to combine both and organize a unique seminar, which is the last in this year said Arthi Shah.


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