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The ICSL 2024 will focus on Opportunities and Constraints in Landlocked States.

FTCCI with the support of MSME, and Govt of India to host an International Conference on Shipping and Logistics (ICSL) at Novotel, HICC, on 22nd March in the city.  It is a full-day conference. It will be its second edition. 


According to FTCCI, it is a multidisciplinary Mega-Conference to share innovative ideas in facilitating better logistics management in the industry.


In an interconnected world where trade and commerce transcend borders, the role of shipping and logistics has never been more critical. The conference seeks to delve into the latest advancements, challenges, and opportunities within these pivotal sectors, paving the way for insightful discussions and innovative solutions.

The ICSL 2024 will focus on Opportunities and Constraints in Landlocked States.  Landlocked states face specific logistic constraints, arising from their lack of rational connectivity to gateway ports to access international markets. This substantially increases the cost of trade and is a key factor in preventing their effective integration into the global trading system. The geographical challenges of landlocked states are often compounded by weak transit-transport infrastructure. However, there have been some positive developments. As per the government’s perception survey, the average scores across parameters such as quality of roads, terminal, cost of logistics and availability of skilled workforce have improved in Telangana state as compared to 2019.


The conference will discuss the changing face of Logistics.  How will the logistics industry shape in the next five to ten years? What are the key disruptions facing the industry? Logistics companies are facing an era of unprecedented change. as digitisation takes hold and customer expectations evolve. New technologies are enabling greater efficiency and more collaborative operating models; they’re also reshaping the industry in ways that are only just beginning to become apparent. New entrants, whether they be start-ups or the industry’s customers and suppliers, are also shaking up the sector. The future of logistics will be driven by more diverse skills. The most challenging and costly last mile of delivery, in particular, becomes more fragmented, exploiting new technologies like platform and crowd-sharing solutions.


The speakers and panellists who are handpicked from across the globe, will share their expertise, experiences, and research findings, fostering a comprehensive understanding of the intricate web that underpins the world of shipping and logistics. The eye-opening deliberations will help MSMEs leverage this information, and optimise the logistics expense of their company by availing these services & facilities.

Some of the topics which will be dealt with during the day-long conference include Case Studies of Logistics Success in Telangana, a National Master Plan for Multimodal Connectivity, Better management of Customs facilitation, Cold Chain Infra and Multimodal Logistics Parks, Dealing with Disruptions, Balancing cost-effectiveness with service delivery, Understanding the incentives from State & Central government policies, Creating better access to seaports Leveraging Next-Gen Technologies like AI and Block Chain etc and others.

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