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Musing of a Teenage Girl, a poetry book authored by a 14 years girl Sanjana Somavarapu released

Dr. D. Nageshwar Rao, Founder Chairman AIG Hospital; BVR Mohan Reddy, Founder & Chairman, Cyient; K. Padmanabhaiah, Former Union Home Secretary and Chairman ASCI launched “Musing of a Teenage Girl”, a poetry book authored by 14 years girl, on Sunday at a brief function held in The Jayabheri the peak, Kokapet. 


Musing of a Teenage Girl, a poetry collection delves into the intricate depths of adolescent emotions, weaving poignant verses that explore themes of heartbreak, profound loss, and the myriad of experiences that resonate with the soul. Each poem is intricately crafted to evoke raw emotions and resonate with readers, inviting them to embark on a journey through the tumultuous landscape of teenage emotions.


A student at Oakridge School in the city Sanjana’s inspiration for writing the poetry and the book came from her grandfather Lt Gen (Retd) Hari Prasad.  The book is dedicated to her teacher Rosalind, who is also her inspiration and her grandfather. You have heavily inspired me from day one to start writing poems, the teenager wrote in the opening pages of the book


Addressing the 100-plus gathering, the Chief Guest Dr. D. Nageshwar Reddy, who is also a family friend said, it is unbelievable that a teenager writes such poetry.  I am not a poetic person nor do I have an interest in such things. But, having accepted to grace the occasion I read all the poems while I was flying back to Hyderabad to this function.


Dr. Nageshwar Reddy cited a poem titled The Art of Noticing 


I see beauty in everything,

even in tiny ants crawling in the dirt,

the pimples on my skin,

and the dying plants on my balcony.

I find everything quite pretty.

Sure, some things might surprise me, but in the little details,

everything is unique.


It's like a painting-you can't see the whole picture until you look at it up close.

I've learned that God made this entire planet and shaped us perfectly;

So, why not accept every bit of ourselves and the life we were

given and live fully? We only live once, after all...


and said the poetry in the book is very much moving.


Referring to another poem where the author talked about her public speaking inhibitions, Dr. Reddy said that she doesn’t look like having any such stage fright. Every single poem is fantastic. I just kept reading all her poems repeatedly he said and wished her all the best in her endeavour.

BVR Mohan Reddy who again is a family friend said it is rare for a teenager of 14 to become an author. I have gone through all 28 poems, which have deep meaning and long-lasting messages and impressions. They all are thought-provoking. The poetry reflects what kind of person Sanjana is. 

Padmanabhaiah, Former Union Home Secretary and Chairman of ASCI said I am an outsider unlike the other speakers who spoke before me and had the privilege of being a family friend, I will give you my outsider’s view. The poetry in the book has a universal appeal. The author seems to have a good command of the language. The title is very apt. The cause for which she is working is great and he wished her a great literary journey ahead in her life. 

Sanjana who gave a brief introduction about her book said that she loves theatre, singing, and reading books among others. I was never so keen on poetry. But when I got involved in a school’s community project and subsequently my grandfather’s suggestion, I began my journey which I enjoy immensely now. 

Daughter of Rekha and Sashi, it is her maiden book. She wants to spend all the proceeds from the book on setting up a library in a government school. 


The cover page of the book is designed well by Ms. Bhairavi Rajasekaran. The book has 8 chapters and 28 poems. It is priced at Rs 999/-. For the book and more details, please log in family website



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