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6 stage strategy for " Effective Online Presence "

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

Are you an entrepreneur?

Do you believe that an online presence is necessary?

Just have a look, here :

  • There are about 2 billion websites, on the web.

  • But less than 400 million are active.

Though, an overall number of websites is in the billions, while just about 15% of them are active. In other words, only 15% of websites are active or live, at a present moment. Make sure, your website falls in 15 %, not in remaining inactive 75 %.

Don't just get relax after purchasing the domain name, finalizing the suitable design, working on the SEO-friendly contents and publish it on the web.

No. my dear friends, it's not the end.

But, just the start of your online presence. And as everyone knows that an online presence is essential, for every business, and is required to sustain the business, in the digital era.

But, what exactly is an online presence?

An online presence can be defined as the collective existence of an organization or an individual that can be found online via an online search. Having an active website or an account on social sites ( like LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.) means you have an online presence.

The journey from Presence to ' Effective ' presence, is yet to start and is very essential.

And, we need to plan our journey, to get fruitful output.

Just remember that by creating a website and a Facebook profile, you cannnot assume the essential online presence, of the business. However, ‘online presence is more than just a website and social media profiles; it is distributed across multiple channels and platforms on the internet.

We can achieve an effective online presence if we follow the six-stage strategy :

1. Be clear about your business

Ambiguous or incomplete information misguided the online viewers, resulting in poor presence. A clear vision about our own business and the ' target ' customer, is most essential.

2. Build A Website, with Relevant Information

A website is a perfect opportunity to expose yourself to these people, and an opportunity to say who you are and what you’re all about. How to choose to go about the look and feel of your site is totally up to you – it could be an eCommerce website or an informational, brochure-type of website. Or it could be blog-based. The sky’s the limit.

Just be sure to have something that is compelling, aesthetically appealing, and organized in a way that makes it easy for visitors to understand what you offer/do as a business.

3. Build a strategy for Social Media Marketing

Increase the interactions through website, social media accounts. Interact with people through business social media accounts to not only get the word out but to gain trust and credibility too. Integrating social media with your website is a sure way to improve the efficacy of your online presence.

4.Strategize a campaign to increase Traffic

Once a website and social media accounts and interactions are set up, start to strategize a campaign to increase traffic, promote yourself, gain fans, followers, and business connections. The more consistent and high volume traffic you’re able to drive to your online presence, the more effective it will be at making your business better.

5.Capture the Leads

It is one of the most important tasks, in online presence. The effectiveness of the online presence is directly connected with the number of leads generated. This is one of the most important jobs that an online presence has to do. This ties in with having knowledge of your market and using the right techniques to draw in the right crowd – the crowd that has the potential of eventually becoming your customers/clients. This includes having compelling content and effective calls-to-action that lead people to the next step in the sales process.

6.Lead Conversion

There’s no use in capturing leads if you can’t convert them. This again includes (in a manner that is appropriate and sensitive) compelling content, aesthetically pleasing design, organization, and clear calls-to-action that lead people to the next step of the sales funnel.

Consistency is the key to an Effective online presence. It takes your time and effort.

Don't wait, but plan your own strategy and do share your experiences with us

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