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Like the 'LinkedIn' to Grow the Business

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

LinkedIn is not a just recruitment platform, created to connect job employers and job seekers. It is with many more useful features for every individual, who want to grow. It is evolved so much in recent years in every aspect of networking, providing the space for every individual, whether you are an entrepreneur, small business, community, subject expert, author, etc. Its simple to start your journey

Today, let’s focus on LinkedIn for small organizations or startups, or entrepreneurs. We can enlist the major benefits as :

  • Professional Networking Platform: LinkedIn started with the mission "The mission of LinkedIn is simple: connect the world's professionals to make them more productive and successful." And there is no other safe, professional, organized platform available for networking. Business networking demands time. Meaningful interactions with people on LinkedIn helps you to build a professional network. Just Don't get to link with the people to increase the number of connections, but interact with them. You have a great tool in hand to approach people , build relationships with them. Who knows these connections will be the brand ambassador of your products in the future.

  • Establish Identity: Do not use LinkedIn as an advertising platform to promote your products. No. but invest your time in joining the professional groups. Participate in the discussion. Share some meaningful insights. There are 100s of groups dedicated to the specific area of sectors. Search wisely the one which is most related to your area. Your shared information will help you build trust and a positive identity about your organization or your product.

  • Brand Authority: If you have created your own great content (post, blog, audio, video), don't wait and share it on LinkedIn. Content may be related to your product/service, its uses, its impact, market position, statistics, etc. The content will work magically for your brand. in a short time, you will be one of the trusted resources to get insights, of that particular sector. Be sure the product content is posted from the company's official account / authorized business page. You can ask your employees to share. It's the most useful tool to establish the authority or identity of the organization. You can establish a human connection, by sharing the events, employee into achievements, customer testimonials, and many more ...

  • Record Feedback : You have a new idea you want to launch in the market ? Linked is a place whether you can ask for feedback. It will involve your current customers as well as based you can target the type of customer, who is not yet associated with your product. These gathered and recorded feedback will potentially create a new opportunity for you. if implemented effectively.

Business cannot grow without networking. LinkedIn is a great tool for small businesses to create brand awareness, with a capacity to engage the people and to increase their participation levels, also. Business cannot grow without networking. LinkedIn is a platform to build and cultivate relationships, which helps you to nurture the business.

Still, many entrepreneurs are hesitating to be on LinkedIn. Here, are some simple tips to start your professional networking journey :

  1. Avoid sending a direct invitation to an unknown but potential contact. There are chances that your request may get ignored.

  2. Follow that target organization or individual, first. You can message through your inbox. You can share your reaction ( like / comment ) on the shared post.

  3. Now, you can send request to connect. As far as avoid the invitation template, same for all. Add the personalized message while sending the request , explaining your purpose ( can be a potential customer, service provider, influencer, etc.)

  4. Don't get over exited , after sending the request. Respect the time and work priority, of everyone. Remind yourself about the purpose of connection and stick with it.

  5. Appreciate the connection for accepting the request. Start the conversation

Have a great professional relationships and opportunity to grow.

Do share your experience of growing the network and cultivating relationships, with us.

May both will get a new meaningful connection !!


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