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A rare and unique statue, to celebrate women strength, sacrifice & selflessness : Deepti Reddy, YFLO

Hyderabad’s YFLO to unveil 20 Feet iconic art installation ”Statue of Empowerment & Glory” at Mindspace Circle, Madhapur

Mayor of GHMC, Gadwal Vijayalakshmi; Dr. Sangeetha Reddy, Apollo BHospitals and Pinky Reddy will grace the unveiling

Young FICCI Ladies Organisation (YFLO) embarked on a novel initiative. An initiative like never before. An Installation of an iconic structure at Mindspace circle. It is a 20 Feet iconic artwork, ”Statue of Empowerment & Glory”. It is a public sculpture. It will be formally unveiled by Ms Gadwal Vijayalakshmi, Mayor of Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) and Special Guests of Honour Dr. Sangeetha Reddy Joint M.D Apollo hospitals and Pinky Reddy on 21st March in a function to be held in Westin Hotel in Raheja Mindspace.

Young FICCI Ladies Organisation (YFLO) is celebrating 75 years of independence and women uniquely by installing 20 feet of iconic artwork. This statue of 'empowerment and glory' is to celebrate female strength, sacrifice and selflessness. It denotes women's power, strength and glory and celebrates 75 years of Indian independence. It is a proud moment for YFLO Hyderabad Chapter as it is happening for the very first time by any YFLO chapter, said Deepti Reddy, Chairperson, YFLO Hyderabad.

Deepthi Reddy has taken up this initiative of creative installation. It is made by renowned artist Avijit Dutta from Kolkata. It will remain forever in the city. It depicts the hard work of every woman in the society and helps them to empower themselves and lead the most successful and honourable life, adds Deepthi.

“The idea struck me in the beginning of tenure as Chairperson of YFLO to make the year memorable not just for me but for the city and entire nation explained Deepthi. Then I started the work. We got in touch with Avijit Dutta with the help of our past chairperson Rekha Lahoti. The medium used for this art installation is one tonne of solid iron. About 15 people worked on it for 8 months.

The city of Hyderabad has given so much to all of us. This is our gift to the people of the city and city itself, she says. My tenure as Chairperson of YFLO is temporary. But, this makes my memory long and forever. And I thank all my committee members and members of YFLO Especially Shreya Reddy for their unstinted cooperation for this dream project of ours, Deepthi said.

Avijit Dutta is a Kolkata-based artist who typically engages with a single theme at any given time to create an astute and discerning series of works rather than stand-alone paintings. His art is a reflection of his curiosity and inquisitive mind, he perceives his art as a search for the truth


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