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Around 8,588 laboratories hold NABL accreditation

An awareness program on the NABL Accreditation System and Services for fifty testing laboratories, manufacturers, professionals from industry and others was held in the city at FTCCI on Friday.

The program was aimed at educating professionals from various industries, manufacturers, and other interested parties.  

It was organized by FTCCI in support of the National Accreditation Board for Testing and Collaboration Laboratories (NABL).

Ranjith Kumar, Deputy Director, NABL and Mr. Siri Babu, Assistant Director, of NABL provided detailed insights into the NABL accreditation process, its benefits, and Quality Control Orders.

Spreading awareness is most important.  Around 8,588 laboratories hold NABL accreditation, comprising 5,127 testing laboratories, 2,165 medical laboratories, 1,208 calibration laboratories, 70 proficiency testing providers, and 18 reference material producers.

Only 2200 laboratories have taken accreditation. But the country has 2.5 lakh and even more testing laboratories. Many of them are not NABL accredited. And these laboratories are growing at an annual growth rate of 12%. Which means their number is jumping each year. Just .1% of people are going to NABL accrediated labs, which is miniscule. Just one out of ten going.  

Accreditation plays a pivotal role in reducing costs for manufacturers and exporters by eliminating the need for retesting abroad, Meela Jayadev, President of FTCCI  emphasizes the international recognition accredited laboratories receive for smoother data acceptance in overseas markets.

Srinivas Garimella, Chair of the IDC Committee in his opening remarks, highlighted the program's goal of educating stakeholders about the benefits of NABL accreditation. He underscored its value in enhancing the reliability of laboratory results for both customers and laboratories.

Suresh Kumar Singhal, Senior Vice President of FTCCI, proposed the vote of thanks, About 50 people actively participated in the event. ‎


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