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A new Dialysis Centre is set up at Rs 2 crore plus to offer dialyses at Rs. 300/-

A new Dialysis Centre is set up at Rs 2 crore plus to offer dialyses at

Rs 300/- subsidized prices to the poor as against Rs 1500/- to Rs 2000/- rate prevailing in the market.

Rotary Club of Secunderabad Sunrise and Rotary Sunrise Service Trust tied up with Mahavir Trust as a service partner and BHEL GE Gas Turbine Service as a financial partner to set up a modern Dialysis Centre at Qutbullapur (near Suchitra Circle). The total project outlay was Rs 2 crore, out of which Rs 1 crore is contributed by BHEL GE Gas Turbine Service and the balance Rs 1 crore was contributed by Rotary Club of Secunderabad Sunrise.

The centre was inaugurated by Mr Lalit Sankrani, MD, BHEL GE Gas Turbine Services and Mr. PC Parakh, Chairman of Bhagwan Mahavir Jain Relief Foundation Trust.

The new 12 bedded Mahavir Dialysis Centre has come up at Krishnakunj Garden, Qutbullapur in the city. It is the most advanced Dialysis Centre.

The Dialysis Centre is started with 12 beds and shall be expanded to 23 beds in a year. It plans to do about 2000 dialyses in a month or about 24000 can be done in a year at the Dialysis Centre.

These dialyses will be done at Rs 300/- subsidized prices per session.

Addressing the gathering after the inauguration Mr. Lalit Sankrani said, “the project is need of the hour”. Nobody knew what was Dialysis 25 years ago. Diabetes is a lifestyle disease. It can’t be cured but has to be managed.

In the year 1974, we had a film Roti Kapada Aur Makaan (Food, Clothing and Shelter). They thought then that those were essential things for a living. But we need good water and air too. If we neglect them, we will pay the price, he told the audience

P.C.Parakh said affordable dialysis is what society needs. Bhagwan Mahavir Jain Relief Foundation Trust which will manage this new centre has 9 centres including this one. And has 205 dialysis machines. All these put together, it does 520 dialyses per day.

Rotary District Governor K. Prabhakar said the project which Rotary Club of Secunderabad Sunrise embarked upon not only saves patients, their lives but families falling in debt trap.


The project chairman, Srinivas Gumidelli said this part of the city had no dialysis centre offering affordable dialysis services. That is why we chose this location, he said.

14 lakh people die every year in India because they cannot afford dialysis. This must be changed. No one should die for not being able to afford dialysis services he told the 200 plus gathering at the inauguration.

Those who are willing to use dialysis at this new facility at subsidized prices may call on 040-24761100 or mobile: 9052255444.

As you are aware the need for Dialysis is growing exponentially in our country and the cost of Dialysis is prohibitively expensive at Private Hospitals. A majority of lower- and middle-income groups cannot afford to get Dialysis done at these prices.

Mahavir Dialysis Center which has been established across the city has been doing yeomen service to the community in the area of Dialysis by providing quality Dialysis at an affordable price of Rs.300 per dialysis against the prevailing price of around Rs.2000.

Affordable Dialysis is the need of the hour and this Centre would be servicing the poor and unaffordable dialysis patients in and around Suchitra Circle, Secunderabad.

Rotary Club of Secunderabad Sunrise/ RSS Trust was started about 20 years back with the main motto of community service and the club has spent amount running into crores in the areas of Health and Education. Some of the major activities undertaken by the club which are worth mentioning are the construction of toilets, gifting school benches, installing RO plants, donating valuable Medical equipment, providing Ambulance Service, donating Vans etc. CSR funds have been the backbone for most of the projects executed by the Rotary Club of Secunderabad Sunrise/ RSS Trust.

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