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FLOs Healthcare Conclave held

Google is not a real doctor. It is a search engine. If you Google every medical condition of yours, you will get more problems than solutions. Although there is nothing wrong with checking symptoms or trying to find out more about illness, you must know where to stop. So don’t rush to Google for everything. You will be more scared and confused. Many people with smartphones in their hands, take ‘Google-as-doctor’ which is emerging as a dangerous trend said health experts Dr P. Raghu Ram and Dr Manjula Anagani while addressing at FLO HealthCare Conclave held at Hotel Park, Somajiguda in the city Monday afternoon.

The information available on the internet can be used to educate oneself rather than trying to find a cure for the disease and self-treating, they observed.

Welcoming the gathering Ms. Shubhraa Maheshwari, Chairperson of FLO asked where do you live in the city? —-Jubilee Hills, Banjara Hills….. blah, blah…The best address we live in is your body. It is our permanent address and we must take care of it. Women in the family are healthcare providers. If she eats pizza, the family eats pizza. So you should be healthy so the family is also healthy she said. The woman is the torchbearer of the family she said.

Speaking about Breast Awareness Dr P. Raghu Ram said Cancer has also become a lifestyle disease. Cancer cannot be prevented, but you can reduce the chance of its occurrence. To reduce chances of breast cancer, avoid late marriage, early detection, avoid having a first child after 30 years of age, breastfeeding the child, and avoid a sedentary lifestyle, he said. Occurrence of cancer is lower in rural masses because of the above reasons, he said.

Cancer Conqueror and Breast cancer survivor Chhavi Mittal too joined these medical experts in asking people to reduce over-dependence on Google for treatment. Chhavi Mittal, who was diagnosed with breast cancer spoke about her battle with the life-threatening disease.

Dr. Raghu Ram said counselling is very important in Cancer treatment.

Answering the question of why many young women are getting breast cancer, Dr Raghu Ram said 87% of India’s population is young and below 50 years. That is the only reason why so many young women are diagnosed with breast cancer.

Talking about myths he said breastfeeding doesn’t prevent breast cancer but reduces the risk he said.

He dispelled many common myths such as finding a lump in the breast means you have breast cancer. That is not true, not all lumps women develop are cancerous, he explained

Another myth, men do not get breast cancer. It is not true; they too are subjected to it. But such cases are very small, he added.

Dr. Manjula Anagani spoke on women and their related ailments. She spoke about irregular periods in women, reasons, myths and realities and menopause, and preventive gynaecology.

The sanitary pads commonly used by women contain super-absorbent polymers (SAP). They are not good for use. You must move to more health-friendly pads she told the women.

Your best friend is physical activity. If any physical activity is not possible, try and dance in a room at least for 15 minutes, it will work wonders for your health she said.

Dr. Jaishree Sharad, a distinguished name in the field of Cosmetic Dermatology spoke about skincare and graceful ageing.

Dr. Jaishree Sharad advised her 75-plus audience to avoid any kind of home remedies that they haven't tried before. You have no idea how the ingredient may react on your skin, she said.

Speaking further she added to use the cosmetics they already use and that suit their skin. She told them to avoid strictly trying out new cosmetics to ensure that they don't end up applying anything that they are allergic to.

Dr. Karthik Pingle, Orthopaedic surgeon at Apollo said there is nothing harm in wearing high heel footwear until and unless you have an issue. He spoke about knee and joint pain-related issues in women. He answered questions from many participants


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