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FTCCI Pokarna Skill Centre begins its maiden skill development program in newly built centre

The recently opened FTCCI Pokarna Skill Centre, at Red Hills in the city began on Saturday its maiden skill development program Export and Import Management Certified Course.

It is a six full day program, held once every Saturday till March. A total of 40 participants enrolled for the program.

Mr. Fahad Ahmed Khan Suri, Deputy Secretary, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Govt of India was the Chief Guest. Building capacity for exporters is very crucial. It will go a long way, he said while addressing the gathering.

We are going through a remarkable phase in our external trade. Every passing day we are scaling new heights. We have crossed US $ 670 bn in merchandise and services in the previous financial year. That is a jump of 35% Exports.

To give a split of these exports US $420 bn was merchandise and 250 bn services sector. This was achieved despite adversely affecting many service sectors such as Hospitality, Tourism, Aviation, transport, logistics due to pandemic

We have set an exports target of 2 trillion US $ of exports of goods and services by 2030. How do we reach by building capacity? Because of that reason this training program is very crucial, he said. We will handhold you to enable you to export more. It is a main growth engine for our economy. We are a trusted global Partner in value chain, he said

We have concluded free grace treaties with many countries to increase competitiveness of our industry.

Mr. Bharani V, Asst. Director General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) The Govt of India was the guest of honour. The central government has a lofty goal of 2 trillion US $, one trillion each for goods and services. The key to achieve this is to build capacity and programs like this are very key. We need to bring new people into the export fold. Second is to impart training to those who are already in exports so that they can increase their exports. And this skill building is the need of the hour.

This is the third program. Earlier we have done tow-one each in Nizambad and Warangal where 35 participants took part and the feedback was very good, said Anil Agarwal, President of FTCCI.

Mr Saurabh Kumar, CEO, GMR Air Cargo, Hyderabad delivered a special address. FTCCI has many commits and it is the most vibrant regional chamber in India.

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