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HITEX Hyderabad Kids Fair 2023 from Dec 22-24 to focus on 4 key areas

Hitex to hold Hyderabad Kids Fair 2023, the 16th edition in the series at Hitex from December 22 to 24, for three days.

Hyderabad Kids' Fair is an annual flagship B2C event organized by HITEX, dedicated to showcasing a wide range of kids' products and services, creating a comprehensive shopping experience for families, schools, and kids of all ages.

Disclosing this in a press conference, Srikanth TG, Business Head of Hitex said it promises to be a vibrant showcase of products and services across four key categories—Education, Lifestyle, Nutrition, and Hobbies. The event is going to be a celebration of childhood and is a must to be visited. 

Spread over 1300 square meters, 100-plus exhibitors will showcase their products and services.  It will be formally inaugurated by Mr Jupalli Krishna Rao, Tourism Minister, Mr Arvind Kumar, IAS on the 22nd morning.  The expected footfall is around 25000.

The Hyderabad Kids Fair will promote creativity, positive thinking, healthy growth, physical activity, sports, self-esteem, and confidence in the young minds of our community.  To do so, it centred all its activities around the same. It’s a celebration that goes beyond the tangible, shaping the very essence of childhood joy and curiosity, Srikanth stated.

It is sure to engage kids in captivating games, interactive workshops, vibrant arts & crafts, spirited competitions, lively role-plays, melodic tunes, shopping adventures, and fun rides— a true Christmas for the kids, filled with a treasure trove of joy. 

The highlight of this year, Srikanth added, is the innovative initiative "Beyond the Bell Program," a comprehensive initiative offering a diverse range of after-school activities designed to enrich the lives of children. From KidsRun by Hyderabad Runners to a Driving track by Holly Jolly, a Fashion Show by Superstar Kids Fashion, a Badminton Championship by Game Point, a Robotics Workshop by Leap Robotics, and a live performance by School Music Band and a concert by Sruthi Hasini, a 16-year-old musician ensures a well-rounded and entertaining experience for kids. About 6 to 7 school bands use it as a platform and perform at the fair. 

Kids run to have 1200 kids participating.  Parents can also run along with kids. 

Some more activities include Celestial 3D Theatre – Dinosaur Movie Extravaganza; Dazzling Workshops: Bling Santa, Canvas painting, Fluid Art, Dot Mandala Workshops; 360-Degree Photo Booth; Mesmerizing Spin Art Painting; Catch the Dropping Stick Game; Giant Jenga Game; Inflatables and Games Tailored for Toddlers; IQ test workshop

The Press Conference was addressed by Manaswini Bandi, Sharvani Avenue and Ventures; Smitha Chowdary Kankanala, Vice President, Women and Children's Unit, Continental Hospitals; Dr.Jeevani Gadde, Chief operating officer, Futuristic Edu Initiatives; Akhila Bhupathiraju, Director, Holly Jolly; Dr Narendra Ram, CMD, Lifespan Private Limited; Arun Kumar, General Secretary, Hyderabad Runners; Manya Madhusudan, Commercial Leader, Decathlon and Pragya Nayan -- Actress Tollywood and Bollywood, Superstar Fashion Show

Explaining four key areas, Srikanth said Families can explore a variety of educational offerings tailored to meet the diverse needs of children. Attendees will discover innovative learning solutions, educational toys, and interactive exhibits that make education both fun and informative.

In the Lifestyle category, families can indulge in the latest trends and products catering specifically to children from fashionable clothing and accessories to unique décor items for kids' spaces,

For health-conscious parents, the Nutrition category will feature a range of products and services promoting a balanced and nutritious lifestyle for children. Exhibitors will showcase healthy snacks, supplements, and nutritional guidance to ensure the well-being of young ones.

The Hobbies category promises a haven for young enthusiasts to explore and nurture their passions. From arts and crafts to sports and technology, this section of the fair will host engaging exhibits and hands-on activities that encourage creativity and skill development in a fun and interactive way.

Decathlon, Jockey India, SBI Life Insurance Company Limited, Nyara Products, Lifespan, Game Point, Main Street Kids, Kimu Robotics, Little Otters, Next Education, Learn from Map, Magic Box, Ingenious Games, Akshayakalpa Organic, Indic Roots Lifestyle, Manchester Global School are some of the top exhibitors.

The entry is through a ticket priced nominally for an Adult - ₹385, a Child - ₹250. The tickets are available online at Bookmyshow

Show Highlights:

  • KidsRun by Hyderabad Runners (December 23): Witness the vibrant and energetic display of young champions as they take centre stage in the spirited KidsRun show on December 23rd.

  • Driving track by Holly Jolly (December 22-23-24):  Immerse your children in the thrill of driving at the Kids Race Track by Holly Jolly. Offering a unique experience, kids will even receive a learning license, making it an educational and exciting adventure.

  • Fashion Show by Superstar Kids Fashion (December 22-23): Experience the glamour and style of the next generation at the Superstar Kids Fashion Show on December 22nd- 23rd.

  • Badminton Championship by Game Point (December 23-24): Feel the adrenaline rush as competitors vie for victory in the Badminton Championship hosted by Game Point.

  • Robotics Workshop by Leap Robotics (December 22-23-24): Ignite the spark of innovation in young minds by joining the engaging Robotics Workshop hosted by Leap Robotics on December 22-23-24.

  • School Music Band Live Performance (December 22-23): Experience the collective musical talent of multiple school bands as they take the stage on December 22nd -23rd.

  • V4 Music Band by Sruthi Hasini (December 24): Let the enchanting melodies of the V4 Music Band, presented by Sruthi Hasini, captivate your senses on December 24th. This musical journey adds a perfect note to the concluding day of the Kids’ Fair, creating a memorable and melodious experience.



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