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iHub-Data at IIIT Hyderabad invites applications for MS and PhD Fellowships

iHub-Data at IIIT Hyderabad invites applications from eligible students/working professionals for MS and PhD fellowships in the verticals of:

(i) Mobility (comprising of data-driven smart mobility, computer vision for smart mobility, 2/3 wheeler safety, driver-assistance, road safety etc),

(ii) Healthcare for everyone (AI for early cancer diagnostics, mental/ neuro health, disease surveillance, drug-discovery etc),

(iii) India-specific scenarios (smart buildings, smart cities, smart agriculture etc) and

(iv) Complex data-systems.

Selection process may involve a written test and/or interview. Prospective research fellows would be inducted for a period of six months to work in select domains and based on performance would be recommended to appropriate research centres at IIIT Hyderabad. The tenure requires all those who qualify to relocate to Hyderabad.

Last date for applying is 31 August 2022.

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