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Impact on the Beauty Industry in the UK, during the Covid-19 Pandemic - Areej Ahmed

Being from a small town in the UK called Bradford, with high street stores being limited already, it's devastating seeing the stores shut down one by one. My most favorite store has become the latest victim of the covid 19 pandemics and is completely shutting down all stores in a week after being on the high street for 242 years. I've grown up shopping in Debenhams and once reaching adulthood that's why I purchased my skincare and makeup products from. 

It's just been two years since I started getting interested in makeup, skincare, and perfumes. And being able to test the products in-store has been a major factor in me purchasing the products I need. Since stores have restrictions, of limited touch and no testing in store, It's become much more difficult to browse makeup, like I used to do when things were normal. Social distancing means I can't even take my sister or a group of friends along for a fun shopping trip out. 

Buying makeup online is the only way you can test at home and try the product, if it's not suitable brands are allowing returns of minimally used makeup. This can be a bit of a hassle because it's taking longer to get a product and much more work to pack and return the product if it's not suitable.

I feel like online cosmetics stores and sellers are the way forward currently if they are willing to accept returns of products for a refund or an exchange. I know of many friends who have now opted to buy online which is safer than traveling to a physical store. I have noticed brands are giving out SoPost samples via the use of social media especially on Facebook where makeup and perfume samples are visible on a person's home page and you can order them for free, and they are delivered to your home. I know I have been able to successfully claim some samples, which has really helped me in my decision to make a cosmetics purchase.

I also feel working from home, and limiting trips outside has also made me worry less about wearing makeup. And because I'm wearing less makeup I feel like I'm not so strict in my skincare routine either. The only time I'll wear a bit of eyeliner or some tinted lip balm so I look somewhat fresh is for a zoom meeting. 

Even when I have to go out for essentials or groceries, my face is covered by a mask so lipstick or lipgloss is a big no-no, I wear the reusable mask so any kind of makeup isn't suitable, plus no one will see much of me anyways. I hope life will get back to as it used to be so we can be mask-free and enjoy the little things in life, like wearing a little bit of lipstick just to make ourselves feel good. 

Areej Ahmed

Bradford, United Kingdom 

Instagram - @missenchantedrain 

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