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Interview Mistakes by the ' Interviewer '

Job Interview is a process that needs to be completed, by the participation of two parties - The interviewee and the Interviewer. It's the equal responsibility of ' both the parties ' to fulfill the purpose of the ' Interview '.

As the interviewer, you are in control. But remember: Great job candidates are sizing you up, too. What you say and what you ask are being evaluated. And we all make mistakes. Here’s what the great job candidate is thinking when you make any of the following seven interview mistakes.

Time is Money.

There’s nothing more off-putting to me than to feel you’re in a hurry to get the interview over. Tapping your fingers. Looking at your watch. It says I’m not your priority. And I thought nothing was a higher priority than hiring great people. I took time out of my day, got a babysitter for the kids and spent an hour driving here in rush hour traffic. Are you that inconsiderate? Why would I want to work with you?

Need to know it

The only candidate thrilled with a shallow, superficial interview is the one who only has quick, glib answers. I expect and welcome the chance to be grilled. I want you to know what I really think, and how I’ll solve your problems if hired. I want to tell you about my successes. And I don’t mind elaborating on my flaws. We all have them. So if you don’t dig into mine some, I’ll think twice about whether this is a company I want to work for.

I too want to speak?

I love hearing you talk about your company. In fact, I had a whole list of questions to ask you. But in the last 45 minutes, I’ve heard about your company, your son's investment plan, your 'daughter’s fashion sense, your brand new vehicle, your university, your relatives, and who I would be working for. And in those handfuls of times, I did say something, you jumped in whenever I paused to take a breath. So I gather that you must be interested in hiring me to listen to you talk. I too want to speak ...

Tea, Coffee, and Sandwiches

Tea or Coffee?

No, there is nothing wrong if you ask the person what he/she would like?

But, if your desk or table is occupied with three or four empty coffee mugs, it is not at all expected...

Everyone is running with limited time. But, the interviewee is also your guest, and never forget that Atithi Devo Bhav He/she just needs a chance to prove his / her talent. The first and most important point to remember is: everyone is equal as a human being.

It is a job interview, Not a discussion on News Channel.

I am here to interview for a job. I have no interest in sharing my thoughts on politics, religion, sex, the latest fashions, or music. Or hearing yours. Here’s a heads up: I’ll take offense to any off-color jokes. I’ll do my best to be professional and polite, but don’t be surprised if I get up and walk out of the interview.

I am here for an Interview

Believe it or not, I can tell if you’re reading my resume for the first time as we sit down. I spent an hour or so researching your company before I came. You could have spent at least five minutes before the interview getting up to speed on me. I’m clearly not high on your list of candidates. Or do you do this to everyone?

I know my responsibilities

Everyone has Family responsibilities. Everyone knows it very well how to handle the same? irrespective of gender. Never ever judge any candidate by gender.

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