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Is there any need for Training ?

Training? Is there any need for training?

Why Corporate Training? What is training?

Do Organizations Need Training?


Training is any planned effort by an organization designed to facilitate employees in the acquisition of job-related competencies. It is a method of enhancing human performance.

Training is an integral part of human resource development programs in almost all organizations. Employee performance can be defined as 'Outcome or performance of employees to make them attain goals'.

What is corporate training?

Corporate training is the process of improving the necessary job skills and knowledge of a company's employees through an organized method of instruction. It usually takes the form of online or offline instructional content (textual or video), online or face-to-face lectures and mentorship, actual or virtual group interaction, and/or online or physical lab exercises or practical projects.

Corporate training is a means of providing learners with the knowledge and skills they need to perform their jobs at a high level. This is typically the responsibility of the Learning and Development / Talent teams in larger companies and the Human Resources department in smaller organizations.

"The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave, is not training them and having them stay". - Henry Ford

Effective Training is vital to the overall development of the employees.

Training, in fact, is the cornerstone of effective management because it makes employees more efficient and productive. The importance of training can be discussed under the following heads:

  • Achieve High Service Standards

  • Maintains qualified products/services

  • Achieves learning about new things; technology, products/service delivery

  • Reduced Learning time

  • Better Industrial Relations

  • Reduces mistakes - minimizing costs

  • Increase in productivity and reliability

Training and development present the prime opportunity for expansion. Also goes to amplify your strength and helps you to acquire new skills and knowledge.

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