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Are you a FRIEND of an Entrepreneur ?

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

Lack of positive support from family and friends is one of the reasons, for the failure of Start-Ups and we ALL need to work on it, a bit more seriously and consciously...

Entrepreneurs need SUPPORT during those times when they are at an early stage, in the learning phase, and are less confident and hesitant to face the outer world.

I am blessed to have you all, my dear friends.

Let us extend our support to those who need it, urgently and immediately. Support our friends and not the situation they are in.

If you have a friend who is a budding entrepreneur, here are 10 ways you could help them, based on what my own friends did for me :

( No need to check your pockets, but the time, that's it !! )

  • Call them, regularly. SMS may work. Dare to disturb your friend, to say HI.

  • You don't need to buy their products, but you can share the information, related to their products, wherever you can.

  • Share the link to their websites, social pages, etc with everyone you know. Word of mouth is the most efficient way of finding new customers.

  • Follow them on social media, like their posts, and engage with them. This will boost their visibility.

  • You can Introduce them to your valuable contacts.

  • Are you a marketing expert? A creative person? A sketch artist? A teacher? A doctor? An Excel wizard? A scientist? Use these skills to help your friend, with clarity in deliverables.

  • Can you spare a few hours to go to an event with your friend? A cultural event? An exhibition? tour? Then reserve the time in a busy schedule. It Will make a win-win situation for you both, a gift of amazing memories to cherish for a lifetime.

  • Just listen to them and give them feedback only when they ask for it. Many ones just want a friend to listen to them. And believe me, it creates magic !!

  • Lave a positive review. Share your suggestions.

  • Most important Help them to take care of themselves. Specifically eating on time, and following a healthy lifestyle.

Be proactive and ask them what they need, especially after facing a lockdown situation. They have the power to sort it out, on their own. But, we may not get a chance to interact with a friend, when he or she needs to.

Anything is possible when you have people there to support you - Misty Copeland

On today's friendship, day,

dial the number and


Wish you all a Fantastic Friendship Day !!!

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