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Let's pledge to uphold the values our constitution instilled in us: Meela Jayadev, President of FTCCI

The Federation of Telangana Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FTCCI), 106 years India's most vibrant regional chapters celebrated its 75th Republic Day with zeal, enthusiasm & patriotic fervour through the participation of industry veterans, captains, past presidents representatives and members of FTCCI from across Industries on Friday in Red Hills in its premises.

Meela Jayadev, President of FTCCI hoisted the flag in the presence of many staff, members and industry representatives.  

Speaking on the occasion he said it is a momentous day for all Indians.  The day commemorates the day in 1950 when the Constitution of India came into effect. It serves as a poignant reminder of the struggles endured by our freedom fighters and the enduring values that our nation embraces – justice, liberty, equality, and fraternity.

We must recognize our responsibilities towards our nation. We should respect our national symbols, adhere to the laws, and contribute to the betterment of our society. Remember, every small step counts – maintaining cleanliness in our surroundings, aiding those in need, or standing against injustice, he added

As we celebrate Republic Day, let's pledge to uphold the values our constitution instils in us and collaborate for a peaceful and prosperous India.

Let's take pride in our nation's rich heritage and diverse culture.

About 50 people participated in the celebrations

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