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Lions have a special place in the society for their motto ``We Serve", T. Srinivas Yadav

Lions have a special place in the society for their motto ``We Serve", T. Srinivas Yadav, Minister of Telangana

The Multiple District (MD) 320 of the International Association of Lions Clubs launched its ambitious project "Lions Free Meal on Wheels". The 20 brand new TATA food trucks intended for free meal distribution were flagged off in a function held in Hyderabad at Marriott Conventional Hall on Tuesday. These food trucks aim to reach out to the deprived and under-privileged masses and serve food free of cost.

The cost of the food trucks, their modification, cost of frills to suit the purpose is put at Rs 2 crore. The required funds were raised by the Lions Multiple District 320. The monthly running cost will be additional.

Talasani Srinivas Yadav, who was the chief guest unveiled a signboard of the same from a conference hall and Lion A.P Singh International 3rd Vice President Endorsee of The International Association of Lions Clubs flagged off the trucks. He was accompanied by Lions R. Sunil Kumar, the Past International Director; Lion Gurram Srinivas Reddy, Council Chairman of

Multiple Districts.

KT. Rama Rao who was to flag off the trucks couldn’t make out due to fever and informed Minister Talasani Srinivas Yadav.

Addressing 500 plus gatherings, Talasani Srinivas Yadav said the rich must cooperate and support the activities of Lions. Responding to the request of lions to help them get some land to build a kitchen to serve the project, he said he would facilitate a meeting for them with KT Rama Rao and assured full help and cooperation. It is our bounden duty to help you in your activities he told the lion members.

The Lions Free Meals on Wheels is a need of the hour project. It also helps lions to serve the community more effectively. It earns some good, brand image for the organisation, said Lion A.P Singh. Though this initiative as such is not new to India, it is being taken up in a more organized way here A.P. Singh said.

These trucks were rolled out to serve meals free of cost for a minimum period of 100 days a year, to begin with, and maybe extended in future for 365 days subject to the need and the public response. The food trucks will be plying in all the 33 revenue districts of Telangana. They will work in support of the local Lions Clubs and Members. One truck will be given to two districts. Only day meals will be served. Each truck is expected to serve 300 to 500 meals a day. On the whole, all the 20 food trucks together will serve 28, 84, 000 meals a year free of cost. In Value terms, 5.76 crore rupees worth will be served every year to begin with.

Lions of MD 320 is known for the “Relieve The Hunger Program” popularly known as “Anna Prasadam” for several years with lakhs of beneficiaries. Nearly 34 lakhs benefitted in the years 2021 and 2022 under this ongoing project

This year, under the Hunger for Covid program, Lions of MD 320 launched a unique project, the Free Meals on Wheels. The food trucks are fabricated so well to serve food to the hungry, especially in areas where such relief may not exist. The need for HUNGER RELIEF has substantially gone up due to the impact of COVID and this requires addressing the need. And that is how this project is curated.

Each Food Truck must at least offer 100 days of serving during the year. On the days of service, the Food Trucks will be packed with food and the same is FREELY DISTRIBUTED to the NEEDY. This initiative will not only serve food to the needy but encourage our donors from Lions; Corporates and Partner organizations to be conscious of Service to the Needy.

Our goal is to reach out to over half a million beneficiaries in the next two years of the launch of this program, informed R. Sunil Kumar.

The project is conceived under the able leadership of our own Past International Director, Shri Sunil Kumar. Area Leader, Lion Dr G Babu Rao, who has been instrumental in encouraging donations, and Area Leader, Lion Bheemiah Jagini supported the initiative said Council Chairman Shri Dr G Srinivas Reddy.

Lions Multiple District comprises the entire state of Telangana and also has parts of Karnataka that border with our state. We have a membership of about 22,200 in over 650 Clubs. We also have another 5,000 young adults as Leo Club Members. Lions MD 320 comprises Seven Lions Districts (which means the 33 revenue districts of Telangana).

Lions Clubs International is the world's largest Service Organization with a membership of about 1.4 Million Members spread out in over 210 countries and geographical areas. India is the world's largest member nation with over 290,000 in over 8,800 members.

Lions of India is the world's largest member nation. India has 2,90,000 members spread in over 8,800 lions clubs.

Lions are looking forward to donations from individuals, and corporations to fund the service of food to the needy. They are seeking partnerships from corporates, institutions, individuals, philanthropists and others.

Lions Leadership Institute is also launched on the day.

Lion Sunil Kumar also informed that over 1.7 million US $ is contributed to LCIF by the Multiple District this year. Sunil also informed us that the Lions would be focusing on Technology. Speaking further he added that the Indian Flag would be flying high at the Lions Club International Headquarters in America for the next five years as an Indian Lion A.P Singh is already 3 the rd Vice President Endorsee of The International Association of Lions Clubs


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