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One Day Seminar on “Export Opportunities for Agro and Agri Related Products from Telangana held

A one-day Seminar on “Export Opportunities for Agro and Agri Related Products from Telangana held at FTCCI on Friday. It was organized by FTCCI in partnership with the Telangana Government, TSTPC, APEDA, Indian Institute of Millet Research, Sahasra Crop Science, HARIOM, Dodla Dairy, Sudhakar Pipes and others. About 300 people participated.

Singireddy Niranjan Reddy, Agriculture Minister, Govt of Telangana inaugurated the same. Speaking to the packed hall immediately after the inauguration he said, Farmers of India are going to be protectors of the world in terms of food protection. We are not only self-secured but also in a position to export many products, especially some from Telangana. Focus on Agri Products and Food Processing products, which have great potential for exports, he told his audience.

Mr. Reddy told them to identify such export-worthy products. Indian exports have become essential food needs of many countries. We know California almonds are good. The way their products are branded, they are perceived as the best in the world and one must definitely try them. They have become a symbol of prestige. Our Telangana Groundnuts are eight times more nutritious and better than theirs. People in the Netherlands can not dream of their day without groundnut butter. We must focus more on producing groundnuts and exporting the same. Even educational institutions must focus on offering courses on groundnut research.

Ground nuts are one example. And we have many such products which are export worthy, he said.

A lady from Gujarat exports groundnut butter and related products. Now she exports to many countries. But the raw material (groundnuts) sourced is from Telangana. Her name is Sonia. The groundnuts grown in Telangana have less aflatoxin. Groundnuts are one example and there are many others, maybe mangoes, Millets and what have you. New Zealand with just 45 lakh population exports many products to neighbouring countries, he told them.

The per capita meat consumption in Telangana is much higher than the national average. Our villages' rivers produce more fish. The surplus quantity can be exported, Mr. Reddy told.

Speaking further Mr. Reddy added that today's degrees need to be relevant to current societal needs. He told the youth to be job creators rather than job seekers.

Agricultural exports are expected to play a pivotal role in doubling the farmers’ income and linking agriculture production to the export market is a critical step. The State government has been striving to achieve all possible linkages to the export markets. Telangana has made significant progress in the agriculture sector by adopting innovative methods, increasing technology use, expanding irrigation facilities, and providing financial support to farmers. Accordingly, the scope for exports of agro and agri-related products from Telangana has widened considerably. The day-long seminar was organized in light of the background, said Anil Agarwal, President of FTCCI.

Telangana is a state that is rich in agricultural resources and has a long history of being a major contributor to India’s agricultural economy. Telangana's government rightly prioritised expanding irrigation projects in the State to bring more and more land under irrigation. It is heartening to note that there is a 117% rise in irrigated areas in Telangana since 2014, due to the planned investments in new irrigation projects and revitalisation of existing irrigation systems, said Mr. Anil Agarwal.

Dr. E Vishnu Vardhan Reddy, IFS, Special Secretary, Investment Promotion & NRI Affairs, and Jt MD of TSTPC graced as the guest of honour.

Dr. B Neeraja Prabhakar, Vice Chancellor of Sri Konda Laxman Telangana State Horticultural University; Anil Agarwal, President of FTCCI, S. Chandra Mohan, Chair, Agro and Food Processing Committee, Meela Jayadev, Sr VP and Suresh Kumar Singha, VP of FTCCI; Smt T. Sujatha, Dy CEO of FTCCI also graced.

The day-long seminar had several sessions such as Government Schemes for Export Promotions and Finance Schemes for Exporters. A panel discussion on Infrastructure and Logistics challenges for exports was held. It was moderated by Thumma Reddy Shanmukha, Co-chair of the Agro and FP Committee of FTCCI. Other sessions on Export Opportunities for Botanical Products; Export Opportunities for Millet & Millet Based Products, Agriculture/Horticulture Products, and Spice Products; Agriculture Infrastructure fund schemes held

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