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Pre-School at the workplace is the need of the hour: Raunaq Yar Khan, 9th Nizam

My School in Italy, a Pre-School located in Q-City, Gachibowli held an event on Monday to Celebrate Independence Day. Tiny tots of pre-school have demonstrated their amazing skills—dance, and physical exercises. It is the only school that teaches Robotics and Gymnastics to kids from age 5.

Mr. Ajay Mishra, Former Civil Servant, Chairman of the Indian Red Cross Society, Telangana Chapter, Mr Raunaq Yar Khan, 9th Nizam of Asaf Jahi Dynasty, and Mrs Malti Morisetty, General Manager, Q-City graced the occasion.

The School is founded by Telugu-Italian Neuroscientist from Telangana who married an Italian and has been living in Bari in Italy for the past three decades. She is one of the 260 Neuroscientists all over the world and the only second entrepreneur in that specialisation. My School Italy, a Neuroscientific European School is the First Neuroscientific Preschool in the world, said Dr Aperna Volluru, Co-founder and MD while welcoming the gathering. Ours is the only Pre-School which is aligned 100% with National Educational Policy.

The school has 50 branches in India. It currently has 3 branches in Hyderabad. We are coming out with another centre at Hitex in Madhapur. It will be formally opened on 5th September. We are investing rupees one crore in setting it up, she shared. A large chunk of our branches are located in IT Parks or IT offices. We have 32 centres in Tech Mahindra.

The Pandemic has put many parents in a difficult spot. They are now struggling to balance their childcare responsibilities and employment. Before the pandemic, they had more options-- grandparents, caretakers at home, nearby creches or preschools to take care of their children etc. However, in the new normal, these are not considered safe options. Some of our centres are open to the public. The Premier Centre which is coming up at Hitex is open to the general public, she said.

Mr. Raunaq Yar Khan addressing the gathering said that the school is providing 100 per cent scholarships to 20 pre-primary deserving students. 15 teachers will be trained in Neuroscientific skills for 140 hours free of cost. And they will be awarded Cambridge Certificates. The advantages of having Pre-Schools within the IT Parks, and workplaces, offer relief to employees. They know kids are in the same building. It increases productivity and reduces absenteeism, he said.

Ajay Mishra said he was impressed with the infrastructure of the school. He offered free health checkups for the kids

Mrs. Malti Morisetty, General Manager, Q-City said having a creche in the working place offers many benefits. Employees will have an increased sense of belongingness to their workplace.

Working parents, choosing the right preschool is as difficult as searching for a new job, said Ashish, a parent. Sameer, another parent said that their child was learning fast. A mother said for women working, getting back to work is important after the pregnancy and delivery. A preschool like My School in Italy at the workplace is important. This school is a stress-free school. My child is eating on his own, and has become more disciplined.

A Neuroscientific European Preschool is in tune with NEP 2020 of India which focuses on a child’s joy for holistic learning and creativity. It has branches in India, Italy, Dubai, Romania and Germany.


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