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Remember the ' Ramayan '

Today is Bali Pratipadā, the fourth day of Diwali. Also, it is the same day when Lord Ram returned to his kingdom in Ayodhya, after staying in exile for 14 years.

Ramayana is one of the greatest epics of Hindu Mythology. Ramayana is not just a story, but an educational medium used by the ancient sages to espouse the importance of doing your dharma (duty).

Out of so many lessons, one can learn from Ramayana, these are the lessons that entrepreneurs should learn:

1. Don’t over commit like Dasharatha. You may be in trouble later. It’s better to commit low and deliver more.

2. Do your business with all ethics. Consider your business like dharma. Keep your words like Lord Rama.

3. Build a team. Rama was able to win against Ravana just because he was able to make a performing team. Every member of your team is important.

4. Be a decision maker. When Hanuman went to get Sanjivani booti he was not able to identify it. He brought the whole mountain. In running a startup, you need to be a decision maker no matter what.

5. Stay cool and don’t be angry. Laxaman was a short tempered person. He lost his cool many times which put him into trouble. Running a startup means keeping your head cool all the times.

6. Startup is all about making life sacrifices. You will need to work overtime, have to leave your comfort level just like Sita who decided to go with Rama in forest for 14 years exile.

7. Leave your ego. Ravana got destroyed just because of his ego. When you are running a startup, leave your ego’s aside.

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