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Shareworthy, Instagrammable New Year Designer Cakes are in demand

A new year celebration without cutting a cake is a boring one. Not just merely any cake. It has to be a designer cake.

It has to be either a Photo cake, a theme cake or a designer cake. Nowadays, cake designs are in trend- be it birthday cakes, marriage cakes, anniversary cakes or any other celebration. Everyone wants a designer cake with socially relevant messages, says Mr. Hari Prasad Mullapudi, Director, Country Oven.

Country Oven, 30 years old, one of the oldest bakeries, located at Greenlands, Ameerpet, in the city is all geared up for trendy, designer and theme cakes.

Whenever there is a party or an event, the first thing that comes to mind is cake. where they are going to order the cake, what flavour, design, all such things have become important. Cakes are an important part of every celebration. No party is complete without cakes. Cake symbolises happiness, success and love. Cakes are the perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions like new year eve they help people express their feelings clearly. A beautiful note with their favourite-flavoured cake would make the day of a loved one, near and dear. Similarly, cake design also holds a special place. Designer cakes are the centre of attraction at every party. That is why lot of people are ordering theme cakes, explains, Ms. Niharika Gourineni, Director of Country Oven.

A Political Party worker, ordered a cake while welcoming Her Excellency, Smt Draupadi Murmu, President of India to Hyderabad. A teacher wanted a cake with a message of world peace. A fin-tech company ordered a cake with 'Go Digital' message on it. Cakes are ordered with these special messages. Not only do these special messages make the occasion special, but also add a photo value. The photo of the celebration also becomes share worthy, so that they can post it on their social media handles, adds Mr. Hari Prasad. A traffic constable wanted a cake with a socially relevant message ' 'Don't Drink and Drive" printed on the cake. Seeing him, another lady visitor to the bakery purchased a cake with a similar message to present it to her husband, to tell him gently to avoid 'drunk driving'.

Looking at the trend we have also introduced cakes with "Mask Up Message", "Love Hyderabad '', "Avoid Using Mobiles While Driving '', 'World Peace', 'Stop War Etc. And the response to such cakes is encouraging.

Now the trend is for fascinating cakes with unimaginable themes and messages, so you don’t feel like cutting and eating. Everyone wants a designer cake because it just attracts everyone and makes the dessert look more presentable and enjoyable, adds a customer, Rani.

Designer cakes are in the trend because of their designs. Many people demand designer cakes to surprise their loved ones. A designer cake is specially designed in a unique theme like cricket pitch, shirt theme, uniform theme, any kind of design that you want. Adding a personal touch to the cakes by customising them, according to their profession- makes them even more elegant and captivating. There is no limitation for their imagination, adds Hari Prasad.

Country Oven, unlike many bakeries, is different one. It is founded by a doctor. It started as a passion. Today the city has well over 500 bakeries. But this one stands out for its quality. Though bakery food is considered as junk food, but the ingredients we use are healthy and safe, unlike many says Ms. Niharika. We are a doctor family. I myself am a doctor. We don't compromise on quality, she said. We have three branches in the USA and three in the city and one in Warangal. We would like to add a couple of more branches in the city. We are also exploring Vegan Bakery Products. We have well over 200 employees working for us. Nearly 30 lakh customers patronise our outlets each year. We have a lot of public trust in us and in the quality of the ingredients we use. We sell well over several thousand cakes each month. On occasions like Christmas and New Year we sell many more. We were the first Bakery in India to introduce e-commerce way back in 1998, well before the e-commerce era. It has served NT Rama Rao, PV Narsimha Rao by supplying the biggest ever cakes of 60kgs and 70 kgs in those days, added Ms. Niharika.


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