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Telangana becomes the first state in the country to release State Robotics Framework

Telangana has become the first state in the country to launch a State Robotics Framework with a vision of “Creating a sustainable robotics ecosystem in Telangana that champions innovation, entrepreneurship, and research & development, positioning the state as a leader in the field of robotics.” This is the sixth framework in line being formulated and launched by the Emerging Technologies Wing of the ITE&C Department. The other frameworks launched were blockchain in 2018 (first in the country), Drones framework - in 2019 ( first in the country), 2020 AI ( first state in the country, NITI Aayog came up with AI for ALL strategy document), the Cloud Adoption Framework in 2021, and in 2022 SpaceTech Framework, the honourable minister launched it in Metaverse, a very unique launch. Thus, Telangana has become a pioneer in embracing emerging technologies and a role model for other states to emulate.

The Framework is a comprehensive roadmap that outlines the state's vision for the development of the robotics ecosystem in the state and contributing to the growth of the industry in the country. The framework was developed by the Emerging Technologies Wing of the ITE&C Department in collaboration with the All India Robotics Association and inputs from academia, industry experts and stakeholders.

The framework focuses on leveraging robotics technology to drive growth and development across identified four key domains – agriculture, healthcare, industrial automation and consumer robotics. The key points in the framework are that the state will set up a Robo Park equipped with testing facilities, co-working options, and co-production/manufacturing options either at sites owned by the state or in partnership with the industry, academia, and incubators, at competitive rates. Additionally, the state will establish a world-class robotics accelerator to provide startups with the necessary incubation, infrastructure, authorization support, market insights, investor connect, and mentorship support.

In order to achieve the vision of the framework, the government has identified five key pillars: infrastructure access, business enablement, fostering research & innovation, human capital enhancement and responsible deployment. These pillars are critical components of the framework for promoting a vibrant and sustainable robotics industry in the state. To fulfil its vision, the state shall set up a separate body called the Telangana Robotics Innovation Center (TRIC) which shall be responsible for the implementation of this framework and will be the nodal point to implement the Key Pillars of the Framework.

At the occasion, the state also signed MoUs with five organizations, including academic institutions, industry associations, and incubators. They are IIT Hyderabad, ART PARK IISC, GMR Hyderabad International Airport Limited (GHIAL), AgHub (PJTSAU) and All India Robotics Association (AIRA). Overall, these partnerships aim to enhance the robotics ecosystem in Telangana and promote innovation, research, and growth in the field.

In addition, The state of Telangana is planning to organize a Global Robotics Summit to showcase its growing robotics ecosystem and attract investments from across the world. The summit will provide a platform for startups, researchers, and industry leaders to showcase their work, network with potential partners and investors, and explore new business opportunities. A poster for the summit was also launched at the event.

Launching the framework, Shri. K.T Rama Rao, Hon’ble Minister for IT, MA&UD, and Industries, Government of Telangana said, “As Telangana continues to strive towards technological advancements and development, the state is committed to embracing new technologies and promoting innovation across sectors, ensuring a better tomorrow for all. I’m confident that the identified four key focus domains and five key pillars in the framework will nurture and promote a vibrant and sustainable robotics industry in Telangana”

Shri. Jayesh Ranjan, Principal Secretary ITE&C and Industries, Government of Telangana said, “We are confident that the launch of the framework will catalyze the growth of the robotics industry in Telangana and the country. We believe that the Telangana Robotics Innovation Center (TRIC) that will be set up soon will play a pivotal role in implementing the framework and fostering a sustainable robotics ecosystem in the state. The partnerships established will be our first step towards nurturing the robotics ecosystem in the state.”

Smt. Rama Devi Lanka, Director of Emerging Technologies, said, “ The launch of the Telangana Robotics Framework is a significant milestone in our efforts to foster a robust robotics industry in the state. The ET Wing has been working towards the development and adoption of emerging technologies, including robotics, and we are proud to have developed this framework. We firmly believe that robotics technology has immense potential to transform various sectors and drive growth and development in Telangana.”

About Emerging Technologies (ET) Wing:

The Government of Telangana had realized that the Fourth Industrial Revolution is being driven by the emerging technologies of this age which are disrupting many sectors including but not limited to governance. The Emerging Technologies (ET) Wing, a dedicated vertical, was set up as a first-of-its-kind initiative in the country within the ITE&C Department in 2017 to achieve Telangana’s vision to become the leader in emerging technologies. ET Wing works towards Ecosystem Development and Government Adoption of 8 emerging technologies such as AI, Blockchain, Drones, Additive Manufacturing, IoT, Space Tech, Cloud and Robotics.


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