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The next BioAgri 2023 conference will be held in Hyderabad on December 7th and 8th

The two-day India's biggest BioAgri conference, "BioAgri-2022, the second edition concludes in the city at Hotel Park Hyatt on Thursday evening

The highlight of day two was Session on the theme “India: Global Gateway for BioAg solutions”. It was moderated by Dr. Venkatesh Devanur, Secretary of the BIPA-BioAgri Inputs Producers Association.

The panellists of this session were A. Kulandaivel from Rallis India spoke on the huge domestic market potential in India and the level playing field. He gave an overview of the market value of Bio Agri input market in India which comprises of Bio-stimulants market at Rs 1810 crore; Bio-fertilisers Rs 1095 crore; bio-pesticides Rs 845 crore and Organic fertilisers at Rs 1980 crore. Rallies India serves farmers through science he said.

Peter Maes, Director of Strategy of Koppert addressed through his video message on India--A Sourcing Destination.

Ram Koundinya, Founder of Think Ag addressed Funding Opportunities through the Make in India initiative. He outlined funding opportunities. Bio Industry in general has not attracted much funding he said. There are some incubators for BioAgri like CCMB AIC, C-Camp (BLR), IKP, Ag Hub, aIDEA. The funding of bio-enterprises has not been very high so far, he observed. There are several reasons. One reason is the lack of cutting-edge research work. Also, it is due to regulatory uncertainty and the market opportunity is not understood by investors. While a lot of investments flowing across all categories, biotech has just attracted 1% of investments he said and added that export-oriented manufacturing is a good attraction for investors. He suggested that an ecosystem needs to be built. Investor education is required to promote funding bio-Agri inputs.

Dr. Venkatesh Devnur spoke about how India has emerged as a destination and sourcing hub for Bio Ag Solutions. He gave his reasons why India is the global gateway for Bio Ag Solutions. Koppers makes in India, sells in India and other countries almost 100% locally made or sourced he said.

Similarly, he gave examples of other companies such as Valagri, TradeCrop, Yara, Acadian, CHN Hansen, Sumitomo, and Novozymes are importing and selling. MNCs can bring technology/IPs to India. Come to India, invest in India, produce in India, sell in India and export from India, he concluded.

BIPA is a trade body of BioAgri Input Producers in India. 200 plus delegates participated in the two-day conference.

Agri is an international series of conferences and exhibitions initiated by BIPA last year in Hyderabad. The participants came from India and abroad involved in the production and supply of biological agri inputs for sustainable agriculture, informed Dr. Venkatesh Devanur.

World agriculture moves towards biological agriculture due to climate resilience and the ill effects of chemical-based farming practices. Among all the input verticals, phenomenal growth is witnessed in BioAgri inputs. The economic benefits to the farmers, health benefits to the consumers and safety to the environment ensure BioAgri inputs as the most sought-after products. Their sustained use further rebuilds the soil health, and fertility and makes them carbon-rich; thus, becoming an inevitable tool in modern agriculture, added Dr Venkatesh.

India became a pioneer in world agriculture to innovate, standardize and promote world-class Agri-Inputs through its well-defined regulatory framework, infrastructure and technology know-how, he shared.

The next BioAgri 2023 will be held in Hyderabad on December 7th and 8th


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