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Don't hesitate to Celebrate

Life is a celebration. Not only the festive days or special days, are meant for celebration, but we need to celebrate every day, every moment.

It's the way of living life.

Dont hsitae to celebraete. Normally, co

No. It’s not too expensive -

It can be, sure, but it most certainly does not have to be. As stated above, taking a moment to celebrate an accomplishment can take but a moment if you choose. It can be a quick phone call, an email or a blurb in next month’s e-newsletter. It does not need to cost a thing. There are enough options that cost little or nothing so stop using this as an excuse not to celebrate your team’s accomplishments.

Time is money. But, you are not wasting your Time -

There’s not enough time- I understand why it can feel this way, but it is simply not the case. For starters, some types of celebrations take no more than a few minutes. Those that may take a little longer are still worthwhile. Like most of the important work we do with our teams, a small investment upfront saves so much more time in the long run. Since valued employees are satisfied employees and satisfied employees stick around longer, think of the bigger picture when it comes to staff retention and turnover.

Imagine that, due to the increased appreciation and celebration of your team, they started to

stick around just a little bit longer. How much time and money would you save if your turnover decreased? By even just a little? How much time would you save if you did not have to invest so much of it in performance issues that often result from people feeling unappreciated and taken for granted?

Work, work and Work -

They’re just doing their jobs - Accurate. But misguided. Think about your life outside of work. What do you do in your role as parent, child, aunt, condo board president, softball team manager, vestry member…any of the many roles you take on. Yes, you have chosen to take them on, but how does it make you feel when somebody thanks you for it? Or even takes it a step further and celebrates you for it? How does it feel when you receive no appreciation at all for it? Or when someone takes it for granted? Yes, people get paid to work, but that does not mean they do not want to feel valued and appreciated for that work. This is true in any field that pays any amount but amplify it for those fields that pay far less than they should. People have options of where to work, and if they do not like where they currently are, they have every right to go somewhere else. Entice them to stay by sincerely valuing and appreciating what they do.

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