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Trade target between Turkiye and India is fixed at 20 bn US $: Organ Yalman Okan, Consul General of Turkiye

The Federation of Telangana Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FTCCI) organized an interactive meeting with the Business Delegation from Türkiye on Thursday at Federation House, Red Hills, Hyderabad


Mr. Tevfik Donmez, Chairman of BETA Scientific Association led the 19-member business delegation.   Speaking on the occasion he said India is my second home country.  This is my country I can say, he added.   


Organ Yalman Okan, Consul General of Turkiye was the chief guest. Speaking on the occasion he said Hyderabad has a special place in our hearts.  So also, it must be in your hearts, he said. Ties between the two countries are historical from the days of Nizam.  The ties are historical, cultural, educational, trade, sports and whatnot.  Our relations are developing and we are here to develop them further.  I am a diplomat and I am not a businessman.  I facilitate cordial relations between the nations.  The bilateral trade last year stood at 12 billion US $, while the target was just 10 billion US $.  Leaders of our respective countries met and reviewed and fixed a target for bilateral trade of 20 bn US $ this year.  It is up to us to reach that goal. Doors of my consul general are open to you for any help, and support, he said and concluded his brief address


Welcoming the gathering Mr Suresh Singhal, Senior Vice President of FTCCI said both countries contribute significantly to each other's growth and progress. We are honoured to host this interactive meeting with a distinguished business delegation from Turkiye, representing a diverse group of Agro and Food processing sectors that contribute significantly to the global market, each of which is adding value to Turkiye's trade and commerce.


Chandra Mohan, Chair of the Agro Food & Food Processing Committee said the sectors represented by the Turkish delegation, including Vegetable Oil, Seeds, Fresh Fruits, and many others, present exciting opportunities for synergy.  Telangana boasts a variety of agricultural products, including rice, spices, and horticultural produce, which could find a welcoming market in Turkiye. On the flip side, the Turkish delegation's offerings, such as Olive Oil, Turkish Baklava, and various spices, present a tempting proposition for our local markets.


As we navigate the discussions today, let's keep our minds open to collaborative ventures. The potential for import-export activities between Telangana and Turkiye is vast, and it is through forums like these that we can lay the groundwork for meaningful partnerships. I look forward to forging connections that will not only benefit our respective regions but also contribute to the global agro-economic landscape.


Subbaraj Gowra, Co-Chair of International Trade and Business Relations said both countries have many commonalities in agriculture, food, irrigation, and many other areas.  Both have strong potential.


Associate Prof Sabri Oz, Chairman of BETA Science Association said Hyderabad is the centre of innovation, technology and science


About 300 people attended the interaction and subsequently participated in the B2B meeting.


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