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Traditionally men are supposed to be more profit-minded in business than women, but ....

Traditionally men are supposed to be more profit-minded in business than women, but, now things are changing, and women are also showing up that they are no way less: Rahul Jain, India's one of top business coaches.

One of India's top business coaches, Rahul Jain coached the members of the FICCI Ladies Organisation (FLO) on "Double Your Profits" in a one-day workshop in the city on Saturday, at the Park in Somajiguda.

190 attendees composed of FLO members, their family members, friends and business contacts attended the day-long workshop which continued till late in the evening. It was Rahul’s maiden workshop in Hyderabad. I pioneered business coaching in India 25 years back he claimed.

Rahul who has 1.84 lakh subscribers on his YouTube Channel 'RahulJainBusinessCoachingIndia' is known for workshops on how you can Run your business operations, working one day a week and Double your profits every year.

Sales is a number game. Instead of changing turnover, and increasing sales, business leaders must focus on growth and profitability. Then they automatically get tuned to the scientific process of doubling profits, Rahul Jain said. Interacting on the sidelines of the workshop, he said women are better in business than men. Intrinsically, they are more attuned to business. If given a chance they prove this statement correct, he said. And added that traditionally men are considered to be more profit-minded in business than women, but now things are changing and women are proving that they are in no way less than any, he added.

There is always 1 person in a company that is responsible for the growth of the company. Money is never the requirement, that one person is what you need, says Rahul Jain.

Speaking about how many business owners are deeply immersed in operations, Rahul Jain says, that the day a business owner steps his foot out of Operations, nothing can stop him from achieving phenomenal growth. You become unstoppable and undefeatable, once you step out of Operations.

Dispelling myths and money is what makes every business a success, the most sought-after business coach says, the last thing you need to grow a business is Money. Every single company in the world starts with ZERO money and becomes a billion or trillion-dollar company. They all start with ZERO!

Don't be fooled by turnover---it's not the same as profit. Discover the real factors that contribute to your business's financial growth and success.

Every move matters. From the big decisions to the smallest actions, everything influences your profit, he adds.

The methods that brought you success in the past won't necessarily lead you to your future goals. It is time to let go of old techniques and formulas.

The workshop was ideal for those business owners struggling with Cancelled Orders, Stopped Payments, Non-performing Sales Teams, shrinking margins and high costs, No Sales and cash Crunch, Unresponsive Staff, Firefighting and emergencies 24x7 said Ritu Shah.

Profit is considered to be of paramount importance in business, but the fact remains to be different. To be successful and remain in business, profitability alone is not important. We need growth. It is equally important and necessary for a company to survive and remain attractive to investors and analysts. Profitability is, of course, critical to a company's existence, but growth is crucial to long-term survival, adds Ritu Shah, while highlighting the importance of the workshop.

Claims to have introduced Business Coaching in India 25 years back, Rahul Jain has over 25 years of hands-on experience in the corporate world and as a serial entrepreneur. He coached over 21,000 business owners across various industries, helping them achieve remarkable results.


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