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Webinar on Art of Negotiation on 16 Nov., 2021, at 19:30 hours

Pune Management Association (PMA)


Poona Divisional Productivity Council, Pune (PDPC)


online webinar on -

"Art of Negotiation"

Key Takeaway:

  • Essentials of Negotiation: Skills Approach, Strategy, Tactics, Behaviors, and Process.

Useful to :

Business Owners, Decision Makers, Sales, BD , Procurement Professionals, Entrepreneurs

Resource Person: Mr. Biman Gandhi.

Mr. Biman Gandhi is the corporate Leader and a prolific Business and Executive Coach, with 28 years of experience in a wide range of Industries, various profiles, and 40 +countries. He has coached over 350 + professional and business owners.

How to participate in the webinar :

Registration is mandatory for the program. Follow the link :

For more details, please connect -



Phone– 020-24212458/24225541/24226918

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