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What is Organization Identity?

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

Every individual carries his or her own identity. Identity refers to personality, qualities, beliefs, skills they excel at, the city where they belong, their profession, age, social status, and some more aspects. But, what is the Identity?

About the individual, Identity can be explained as a self-created image.

Identity can be defined as who a person is, or the qualities of a person or group that make them different from others. Identity affects the way you feel about yourself. Personal identity not only includes the different attributes of your name, qualification, designation, family background, etc but also contributes to self-esteem.

Personal identity must define the uniqueness of you, state your values. It is a reference point for another person, to communicate with you. It definitely affects the behavior. Unlike the individuals, every organization has or should have its own Identity.

Let us call it Organization Identity. Is it the same as Personal Identity? Well, Organization Identity can be defined as a collection of characteristics or attributes, which are used by members, to define the organization.

These characteristics include -

  • visual identifying factors (Logo, Uniform, manuals, Advertisement, etc),

  • the way of communication with the members, customers, stakeholders, etc

  • market behavior of the company's product or service,

  • working environment,

  • the behavior of employers,

  • and many more …

And, all these attributes are interconnected and interrelated. This means, the change in the behavior of one attribute definitely results in the change in the behavior of other attributes.

For understanding purpose, change as an increase/decrease, in any attribute. So, One affects all others and vice versa. e.g. due to pandemics, there is a drastic change in the working environment, which has a great impact on productivity, their behavior, and so on ... Here, we need to understand that Organization Identity is a multilayered, multidimensional, “product” based concept. It works on the principle of centrality, durability, and distinctiveness.

It emphasizes mainly the product, communication, and behavior. It is nothing but the self-presentation of an organization. So, What's your view about "Identity"?

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