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Women are adbhuth prani, the god had created: Comedy King Kapil Sharma

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

Dare to laugh, FLO (FICCI Ladies Organization) members had an interactive session with India’s Comedy King, Kapil Sharma on Monday at the Hotel Park, Hyderabad.

Speaking to 450 plus FLO members, Kapil Sharma, who was in conversation with Shubhraa Maheshwari, Chairperson of FLO, said he never dreamt of becoming a comedian. It happened accidentally. You can even call me an ‘Accidental Comedian’. Initially, I wanted to become a police officer like my father. Later I wanted to become a singer. When I went to college, I wanted to become a theatre personality. Now I am in front of you as a comedian. That fact is I am an Accidental Comedian’.

At one stage I wanted to become a fighter pilot. I was also equally certain that I wanted to pursue music. Punjab to Mumbai, College to stand-up comedian, Singer to acting, nothing was planned. It just happened and happened for good, he shared

Introducing Kapil Sharma, Shubhraa Maheshwari described him as a person dipped in Ganga of humour. The man who brought happiness and qushi (happiness) into every household in India. He too struggled and his success was not that aasan (easy) Shubhra explained to her audience.

He is not only a comedian he can do serious roles like the one in the upcoming movie ‘Zwingto’ in which he acted as a delivery boy. No one is hurt by his comedy. Once a struggling theatre artist, today he is the most successful artist. He is self-made. He wears many hats. And he spreads happiness through his laughter, which doesn’t attract GST nor TDS, she said.

It is difficult to make people laugh especially in this era of social media. A lot of happenings in day-to-day life are inspirational for our laughter, he shared

Talking about using men instead of women in some characters of his show he said that they used to shoot two episodes a day. And we used to shoot for long hours. So the young man was taken in the role of dadi. It worked out well and we continued. That experiment really worked out well. Also, when we use men in such a character we will get some liberty to use some extra dialogues and it works out well, he shared. Also, another reason was Girls were rare in comedy, except Bharti Singh, he quickly added

He explained how his wife, who was his friend, then bailed him out of his depression. I never heard of depression before. All I knew was sar dard, pet dard.

My life’s big heroine is my mother. I couldn’t share my depression with my mother. But, with god’s grace and my wife’s effort I came out of it, he shared.

And he asked Shubhraa how this hall with 450 beautiful women was calm. Then everyone burst into laughter.

When asked about his work-life balance he said since the lockdown, he gives more time to his family, especially to the children.

He tried his best to converse in English when his attention was drawn to the comedy he makes on his own. May god grant you the strength to understand my English, he said and added that the British ruled us so we speak English. Had it been ulta and India had ruled the world, the whole world would have known Hindi and I wouldn't have had to face the problem, he told as a witty remark. Now my English has improved a lot, he quickly added.

When asked about his message to his participants, he said why people say ‘Aaj Women’s Day hai’. What does that mean? Every day is a women’s day and every day is your day. Women are adbhuth prani (a wonderful creature), the god had created.


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