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10 points to remember about Professional E-mail Communication

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

In the professional world, E-Mail Communication plays a vital role, in building communication and networking. It's an authorized document. Especially in the WFH scenario, the importance of this particular tool is maximized, drastically.

Just remember the following points :

  1. Always read/check the draft mail/letter, before hitting the Send button, irrespective of the urgency or the time left. Make sure you have the subject field is not empty.

  2. It's a mail, not an essay. A pointwise reply will solve and/or resolve the time as well as further unnecessary issues.

  3. Avoid mixing up two or three topics/points in one mail. Better to send a separate mail for a separate topic/subject, with a unique subject line.

  4. Do not use short forms, acronyms, unnecessary abbreviations, while drafting the mail. It's a professional mail/letter, not the Whatsapp Chat.

  5. Considering the lockdown conditions, many of the tasks are delayed, more than usual. Though, never use the tag URGENT for every mail. You can try other creative words to convey the urgency as well as the mail to get noticed.

  6. It's always better to send the mail to the Head of the Department of Authorised person. No need to add each n every member in CC or the BCC field.

  7. An authorized signature is required at the end of the mail. Please keep in mind, it's not more than 5 lines, and in more than 3 different colors/fonts, neither half of the page is used b the signature.

  8. Make sure that there is a proper file name to the documents to be attached. Do not attach the files like My Doc1.doc, Image101.jog, Myfle.xls, pqr007.docx, etc.

  9. Never send professional emails to personal mail addresses and vice versa.

  10. Be prompt while responding to professional E-mails.

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