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10 Points to remember to 'Crack the Interview'

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

The interview is an important part of the process of Selection. Especially for the job, we need to face the professional interview, at many and different times.

Let us discuss the most simple and easy-to-use, and ready-to-apply points, to crack the interview :


First and most important is whatever is the case, Whether it's a face-to-face to an interview or through telephonic or virtual (through Zoom or Google Meet or similar), BE CONFIDENT.

2. Don't HESITATE.

Many people, because of shyness or anxiety, start answering the question, though they are not able to receive it, properly.

First Listen to the question, very carefully. If you are not able to get the question, you can always request the interviewer to repeat it.

3. Your body language speaks more about you than any other thing.

Be sure your body language and your voice must be positive, confident and make sure it is not indicating any negative message. If required, work on body language and postures.

4. Your attire must be professional.

Be sure whatever professional attire you have selected for yourself, suits you and you are comfortable in the same.

Work on the color of your dress, too.

5. Don't miss the interview timing.

A day before or at least some hours before the interview, get all the related details of the location and the area. In case of virtual meetings, be ready with a phone with sufficient charging, extra battery bank, wireless network, or hotspot availability.

Unfortunately, if you miss the day or time, due to range issues or electricity-related problems, immediately update about your unavailability and politely request them to check the possibility of delay of rescheduling.

6. Carry all the required documents, in a well-organized manner. Be sure you have updated CV with you, along with certificates and all.

For online meetings, make a separate folder of your required documents and keep a copy on your mobile as well as on a hard drive.

7. If you are applying through consultancy, employment exchange, or related agencies, make sure you have the related document from them (email from the authorized person), along with contact numbers. It's better to have a printout of mail of photocopy of the letter.

In case if you are applying abroad, you need to show the related work permit and license.

8. Prepare yourself with common questions like Tell me about yourself, Your areas of interest and why? etc. Your personal elevator pitch must be ready. Practice your pitch, regularly and update it whenever necessary.

9. It's always advisable to do primary research about the organization and the role you are applied for. Don't hesitate to ask the details, through mail or over the telephonic call, with a respective person of the organizing team.

You can build a connection, with the interviewer, by asking your queries, based on your prior research.

10. Most important is - BE HONEST. Stay polite. Whatever may be the outcome of the interview, never forget to convey your Thanks, to the Interviewers and the respective organizing team.

Share your experience with us, through comments.

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