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15 Mantras for Entrepreneurs

Is there any formula for success?

Is there any MANTRA for startups to succeed?

Success is not a one-night miracle.

It is the result of consistent efforts, towards the targeted destination. It is the result of 'correct' decisions, at 'right' time. It is the result of integrated team efforts, for years.

Many people dream of being an entrepreneur. Whatever be the reason to be an entrepreneur, shortcuts are banned on this path. Entrepreneurship is not about being a BOSS, having the freedom to work, to make wealth. But, it is about consistent efforts, hard work, patience. Being an entrepreneur means dedicating yourself to your dream, your goal.

Those who want to be an entrepreneur and want to do well in the startup, must follow these 15 mantras :

1. Deal with ambiguity
2. Can work without handholding
3. Hustler and fighter
4. Never give up
5. High Passion and Energy
6. No sense of entitlements
7. Excellent in multitasking
8. Prototyping - start from somewhere and get better
9. Step by step approach
10. Hungry and ambitious
11. Learn from mistakes
12. Not afraid of failures
13. High on common sense
14. Dare to dream
15. Push their limits and step out of their comfort zone

So, what are you waiting for?

Even if we are successful to make at least 7 of 15, as a habit, or as a part of daily routine, then no one can stop us from winning.

Do share your experience with us...

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