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All set for Virtual Meetings ? Read this

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Many times it is hard for employees to maintain the boundary between work and home, especially when you are working from home and need to attend remote meetings, back to back. There are some common obstacles for everyone to prepare themselves,

Here some basic tips which will definitely help, to prepare yourself for remote business meetings, in this pandemic situation.

1. Be ready for the meeting, at least 10 min in advance.

In the advance 10 minutes, check the broadband/internet connection.

Whether the required devices are charged or not?

Be ready with power banks, power cords n related electronics accessories, with one extra set, if possible.

2. Invite those members, only, who are concerned with meetings-topic.

If Team Leader is present in the meeting, then no need to invite the other 10 team members.

3. Light: Natural light is best. If there is a window, near to your working table/workstation, make sure while attending the virtual meetings, the window is in front of you. Face towards the window. Natural light should reflect through your face.

As far as possible, fix the position of work-station. Preferably away from the children's play area, with minimum noise interference., and with ample light, at any time.

4. Camera: Work on the camera angles, whether you are using Smart Phone or Laptop, or any device. Better if you practice it before the meeting. It is always advisable to use holding stands for the camera/smartphone so that you can concentrate on the meeting, other than holding the camera in your hands for hours or so.

5. Background: Background setting is equally important as Light or Camera settings. Background silently speaks out about your identity. Make sure it reflects positivity and professionalism.

Many meeting software comes with background options. Think wisely while selecting the background.

6. Dress / Attire: Though you are attending these meetings, from home, still these are professional meetings. Make sure you are in professional attire. Otherwise, it may create a bad impression.

7. Camera must be ON: if you are hosting or participating in any virtual meeting, make sure you are visible to all, through your camera. It proves your sincerity.

8. No multitasking: Multitasking is a very useful and required skill for professionals. While attending meetings, attend the meeting only. Do not check or reply to personal mail/messages on your mobile nor do any other work in different tabs, of Mobile / Laptop.

Eating, while meeting, strictly not allowed. You may be attending back-to-back meetings, and no you are unable to find the time for lunch, then you can ask for the 10 min break or you can inform all that you are making the camera off for some time. But, don’t start eating while the camera is ON and a meeting is in progress. You can sip coffee if required.

It’s not the right time and place to show the skill of multitasking.

9. Mute yourself while other team members are speaking. If you want to speak, send a message through the chat window or use features like raise your hand.

10 Be comfortable with the meeting software: The best way is to practice. Start with a small group. Make yourself comfortable with the software you are going to use. Leverage your technology tools.

Whether you are the host or attendee, Preparation is MUST.


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