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Be A " Mentor "

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

Do you know that ' knowledge ' increases by sharing?

The more you share, the more you earn.

Sharing is Caring. One can share about the life experiences, subject expertise, his / her own research. Even we share our daily experiences. Sharing creates a strong bond between us, irrespective of age, gender, nationality.

If you have the knowledge, let others light their candles in it - Margaret Fuller.

Sharing knowledge helps us in many ways. Sharing what you know helps you learn by doing research, synthesizing multiple viewpoints, and crystallizing ideas, thus increasing your knowledge. When you share, it gets others to also share, which increases the total body of knowledge.

Mentoring is the best platform to share your knowledge. It is one of the best ways of self-employment, too. Entrepreneurs can be the best mentors. As they are with a wide range of experiences.

Effective mentoring not only advances the mentee but also rewards the mentor, in many ways. Sharing knowledge and inspiration is equally important in our professional spheres. No one is perfect, here, neither with a lack of experience.

All entrepreneurs have to potential to strengthen and nurture the professional atmosphere. We are able to develop an ecosystem, for upcoming businesses. We will able to reduce the failure rates of the startups.

When we share with others, it helps deepen our own knowledge and engrains what we know.

Mentoring can be classified into three different types :

  • Traditional One-on-one Mentoring.

  • Distance Mentoring.

  • Group Mentoring.

Being a mentor is a responsible and unique profession, with assured satisfaction. Yes, you need to carry certain responsibilities, like ;

  • Assist your mentee to identify the risk and prepare for the same.

  • To finalize the goal and the best path to achieve.

  • Complete progress with the mentee and reassess needs.

  • Maintain the confidentiality of the relationship.

And more ...

Do share your experiences with us


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